Prince Charles Will Not Give Up The Throne For Prince William -- Here's Why

​Prince Charles, though there is no definite date yet, will take over the monarchy soon. However, the next in line after him, Prince William, may face a hard time before he can run the palace. 

The transition of the monarch is expected to start either when Queen Elizabeth abdicates the throne when she turns 95 in 2021 (since Prince Philip retired from his royal duties at the same age) or when the Queen suddenly dies.

On the other hand, people have been calling him the "shadow King" after British biographer Robert Lacey exclusively told the Times of London that Prince Charles convinced the Queen to get rid of Prince Andrew after the Duke of York got involved with Jeffrey Epstein's scandal.

But even though he performs his duties well as the current heir to the throne, it sure haven't been easy for the Prince of Wales. With that said, it is likely he would do the same thing to his son.

Why Prince Charles Cannot Let Prince William Take The Crown Easily?

Aside from Prince Philip's disapproval on Prince Charles' plans for the monarchy, Mrs. Margaret Rhode -- Queen Elizabeth II's first cousin -- told PEOPLE that Her Majesty pledged to offer her entire life serving the monarchy.

Moreover, the University College London's Constitution Unit at the School of Public Policy added another reason why abdication is not one of the Queen's options.

"The first is the bad example of Edward VIII: his abdication brought the Queen's father onto the throne, unexpectedly and most reluctantly," the School of Public Policy reasoned out.

If that is the case, then Prince Charles has no chance to be the King of the monarchy even when her mother reaches the age of 95. This fact will also add more months -- or years -- on the Prince of Wales' waiting time. 

As the heir to the throne, waiting over 60 years is already long enough and for him to rule the monarchy until his death is only natural and expected.

However, if the Prince of Wales would just set aside his years-old efforts, he could simply adbicate and hand the throne to Prince William with the help of the Parliament.

Would It Be Possible To Miss Prince Charles As King?

Since Prince Charles is getting older, rumors about the possibility of "skipping" Prince Charles and directly handing the throne to Prince William emerged.

The statistical data released by YouGov added more fuel to the idea, as Prince William gained an approval rating of 66 percent versus Prince Charles' 46 percent.

Despite these figures, Queen Elizabeth II cannot ignore the heir to the throne and choose Prince William to be the King.

Prince William's godfather, ex-King Constantine of Greece spoke once with BBC and said that due to deep-rooted traditions of the monarchy, the royals must "wait their turn" before they can rule the monarchy.

"It works from father to son, or mother to son, that's how it goes, and they have to wait their turn, whenever it comes. That's how it should be," he clarified.

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