Lady Gaga TELLS ALL: Singer 'Raped Repeatedly' Before Career Took Off

Lady Gaga has always been open about the struggles she faced with PTSD and mental health, but she recently took the chance to turn her past experiences into lessons that can inspire everyone.

In 2018 during her acceptance speech at the SAG-AFTRA Foundation's third annual Patron of the Artists Awards, Lady Gaga detailed her "mental health" crisis to guide those people like her in the entertainment industry to cope up with their inner demons.

"I began to notice that I would stare off into space and blackout for seconds or minutes," Lady Gaga recalled back then. She eventually shared the symptoms of disassociation and PTSD she felt.

She ended her almost 25-minute speech by screaming "Let's change the f-ing world!" to bring mental health into the light.

This year, Lady Gaga offered her fans another inspiring talk about how she got over inflicting self-harm.

"A Star Is Born" Is Lady Gaga's Parallel Universe 

A few days after New Year, the "Poker Face" singer reserved her time for an interview with Oprah Winfrey at Oprah's 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus tour.

In the lengthy chat in Florida, Oprah asked her what she sees whenever she looks at the Oscar-winner movie.

"I see a lot of pain," the 33-year-old singer said as she remembered how she perceived herself in her character, Ally.

Lady Gaga, who is suffering from fibromyalgia, revealed to the well-known media executive that she sensed "head-to-toe pain" while doing the interview. But she still wanted to share that her doctors said what she is experiencing can be cured through mental health therapy.

The 33-year-old singer and actress also clarified that mental health is a medical condition that should be treated and should not be ignored.

Lady Gaga as a Sexual Assault Victim

What broke her fans all over again was when Lady Gaga opened up about how she developed PTSD.

The "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" actress revealed that she got raped multiple times when she was 19 years old, leading her to suffer from the said mental health condition.

As a singer who started to be active in the entertainment industry at the age of 15, she found it hard to experience such a thing when she was already rising to fame. Thus, making it harder for her to process the trauma she gained

Lady Gaga told Oprah that she never had the chance to deal with it after her career skyrocketed all of a sudden. The singer also talked about how ignoring it was the biggest mistake she ever committed, as she experienced the "incredible intense pain" all over again.

Later that time, Lady Gaga suggested that schools should have mental health classes to help their students, most especially those who are suffering in silence.

Before they ended the interview, Oprah immediately inquired about the possible date her sixth album would be released for her fans. In return, she gave the host a hint that she will still be making music once she is okay. 

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