[VIDEO] Ellen DeGeneres Recruits Dua Lipa For Yet Another Hilarious Prank

Ellen Degeneres

Pranks of practical jokes are very common these days, especially with YouTube vloggers who want to entertain their viewers with some humorous content. With everything that is happening in our daily lives, who does not need a good laugh from time to time, right?

Who is the first person that comes to your mind when talking about pranks? Well, it is no other than Ellen DeGeneres! Our week will never be complete without seeing Ellen staging a joke either by herself, through the help of her staff, or her celebrity guests and friends.

New year, new prank but the same Ellen DeGeneres. Everyone knows that she loves sending her staff to prank random strangers outside The Ellen Show studio, and she is full of surprises.

To kick off the New Year, the 61-year-old host managed to convince pop star Dua Lipa to join the gang. In the viral video, which now has over 700,000 views on YouTube, Dua Lipa and writer Lauren were sent out in Los Angeles World Market to mess with random strangers and get their reactions on camera.

Ellen's instruction is for Dua and Lauren to casually stroll the grocery store, walk up to some strangers, and try to make a conversation with them. Sounds pretty easy, right? But here's the catch, the ladies have to talk to strangers using only the lyrics of Dua Lipa's hit music such as "Don't Start Now," "One Kiss" and "New Rules."

If you are a fan of Dua's music, then you should know that these song lyrics do not fit a regular small talk. For example: "Did a full 180, crazy! Thinking 'bout the way I was. Did the heartbreak change me? Maybe. But look at where I ended up."

Seriously, how would you react when out of nowhere, someone starts a conversation with you using such phrases? Insane!

At one point in the video, Lauren chose a middle-aged man and talked to him using the lyrics of Dua's "One Kiss," which phrases include: "Something in you, lit up heaven in me. The feeling won't let me sleep, 'cause I'm lost in the way you move, the way you feel."

The man in the white shirt seems flattered with Lauren's words and could not hide his smile. His grin gets wider as Lauren continues with the lyrics and says: "One kiss is all it takes, fallin' in love with me, possibilities!" Hilarious!

Even the writer-turned-prankster could not help but laugh with what she just did and told herself: "I gotta go home!"

Meanwhile, it looks like Dua got herself a new friend after blurting out the lyrics of "New Rules," which goes like: "My love, he makes me feel like nobody else, nobody else. But my love, he doesn't love me."

The random lady replied to the musician and said: "Somebody will. Get what you deserve. Always," and ended up their small talk with a high five!

Watch the hilarious video below and thank us later for one good laugh:

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