NBA: Stephen Curry Asks Giannis Antetokounmpo to Team Up With Him ... in PUBG

It is very rare for us to see men gather up on one side and exchange small talk, especially after a rough game inside the hardcourt. That is why when NBA cameras recently caught star players Stephen Curry and Giannis Antetokounmpo chatting, people are quick to assume with what the juice is all about.

On Wednesday night, Curry and Antetokounmpo were caught on cam chatting right after the Golden State Warriors lost to the Milwaukee Bucks. In the short clip, Curry could be seen mouthing words to the famous Greek Freak before shaking his hands.

Fans somehow instantly turned into professional lip readers and said that Curry is obviously telling Antetokounmpo: "Let's do it. Come on, man.."

Curry Tampering?

Some are also quick to assume and so convinced that the Warriors' star is trying to recruit the NBA's reigning MVP to join his team.

Howeverm, it is hard to blame the fans, as the 7-foot-tall player's contract with Bucks is about to end next season, making him the hottest potential recruit in the league. Who would not love having Antetokounmpo on their All-Star lineup for the next few years, right?

 The "Giannis-Warriors" chat also gave some fans a major throwback to the 2016 Western Conference finals scene when Curry hugged Durant. In the summer of the same year, Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder and jumped to the Warriors.

While the internet has already made assumptions about Curry's possible recruiting pitch, others pointed out that what he just did can ruin his soaring NBA career.

To recall, the NBA's recently revised policies include player conversations as a potential violation against tampering or trying to influence other players who are still under contract with the opposing teams.

False Alarm!

Sorry to burst your bubbles, Curry fand Warriors fans. The six-time NBA All-Star recently made it clear that he is not trying to convince the Freak to join his Golden kingdom during the infamous chatter.

In an exclusive chat between Curry and Yahoo Sports' Chris Haynes, the 31-year-old former MVP said that their short conversation has nothing to do with recruitment, NBA, or any sports in general.

Curry revealed that he was giving Antetokounmpo his... wait for it... gamer tag on the online game PUBG also known as Player Unknown's Battleground!

 Although Curry indeed mouthed "Let's do it, come on," to the Bucks star, but it was only to encourage the guy to play with him as he believes that they could do some damage if they teamed up in PUBG.

"He said he told Giannis: 'Come see me on this game! We could team up and do some damage. Let's do it, come on!'" said Chris Haynes, who reached out to Curry and now relaying his message.

Sure, Chris's revelation gave all NBA fans a sigh of relief and also a good laugh. Even Curry himself find his announcement funny and could not help but go to Twitter and said: "Appreciate the laughs this morning."

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