Taylor Swift's fans are probably counting down days' till they see her much-awaited Netflix documentary called "Miss Americana," which will be out this coming Jan. 31, 2020.

Just like any other documentaries featuring big artists like Tay-Tay, people are expecting that the show will mostly cover her concert tours and some behind-the-scene of Taylor in action while gearing up for her live performances.

Well, Swifties are up for a big surprise as "Miss Americana" will not just feature Taylor's tour adventures but also an in-depth look at her journey as a singer, songwriter, performer, and a female influencer who continues to harness the power of her voice.

Additionally, viewers will get to see how Taylor found her voice in speaking up her political views, particularly concerning her support on women's rights and LGBT equality.

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Whoa, that was deep! We are surely excited to see this other side of Taylor behind the glitz, glamour, and controversies of her fame.

Interestingly, "Miss Americana" -- which got a prestigious premier spot on the Sundance Film Festival this coming 23rd of January -- will also show Taylor's side of the story on the biggest controversy in her career a.k.a her long ongoing feud with KimYe (short for husband and wife Kim Kardashian and Kanye West).

That 2009 VMA incident may have been long enough for everyone involved to have finally moved on, but it sure does make a huge impact not just on Taylor's career but her mental well-being as well.

To refresh your memory, during the 2009 VMAs, Taylor won the Best Female Video award, and while in the middle of her speech, Kanye West came up to the stage to steal her moment and tell everyone that he thinks Beyonce is the one deserving for the said award.

The Taylor-Kanye drama went on until 2015 when the rapper mentioned Taylor in his song "Famous," which line goes: "Me and Taylor might still have sex/ Why? I made that bitch famous!"


The now 30-year-old pop star made her outrage about the song known, to which Kanye's wife, Kim Kardashian, immediately responded by showing a secret recording of her conversation with Kanye giving her approval to use the said lyrics.

According to "Miss Americana" director Lana Wilson, she is the one who encouraged Taylor to include this part of her career in the documentary to tell her side of the story.

"With the 2009 VMAs, it surprised me that when she talked about how the whole crowd was booing, she thought that they were booing her, and how devastating that was," Wilson told Variety.

"That was something I hadn't thought about or heard before, and made it much more relatable and understandable to anyone," she added.


In her Variety cover, Taylor also said that being a newbie in the industry who is receiving her award for the first time, and somebody cut you off indeed made a significant mark on her head more than anyone knew.

Whew! Big guns. Can't wait to grab some popcorn and watch Tay-Tay spill some tea in this documentary.

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