Royal Headache: Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Could Anger Brits Because of THIS!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's decision to live their lives away from the United Kingdom appeared to be a good idea for them. However, the small details of their life post-royalty could spark anger among Brits.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will "no longer receive public funds for Royal duties" as they have quit the royal family. As soon as their HRH titles were stripped from them, they lifted a burden from the taxpayers since the people no longer have to fund them.

Nonetheless, news about the continuous funding of the royal couple's huge security bill could infuruatre taxpayers sooner or later.

According to recent reports, it was confirmed that Prince Harry and Meghan will continue to enjoy their lives with protection officers, who will receive a pay of £60,000 per year and will be paid overtime. They also plan to send the officers back to the U.K and replace the staff every two weeks.

If this will push through, they can expect the taxpayers to start a protest since, in the past, they already spent £32million for their royal wedding and £2.4million-worth of renovations to their home in Windsor (which they will reportedly pay back as it "will remain their U.K. family home.")

According to the computation published by Daily Mail, each protection officer who will serve the Duke and Duchess will have around £100,000 per year -- including flights, pension and living expenses.

Aside from that luxury, their security team will include the army of Metropolitan Police officers while they live in Canada.

Moreover, before Prince Harry came back to Canada after their crisis meeting, there were two security personnel who guarded the Duchess of Sussex.

What The Experts Said

Buckingham Palace has not addressed the aforementioned issue since it seems they have not yet arrived a concrete security arrangements for Meghan and Prince Harry.

However, a royal expert spoke up and said that the Canadian government might join in with a contribution. Nonetheless, a poll released last week showed that 73 percent of Canadians do not agree with the plan at all, even though Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledged before that they would cover some of the cost.

Meanwhile, Finance Minister Bill Morneau divulged that they cannot make a decision yet since they fear that the future contribution might not be possible as the taxpayers could object.

Laurel Collins, the current Member of Parliament for Victoria, also stood firm with her belief that Canadians should not shoulder the security costs.

"When it comes to the money our government spends and taxpayer money it's important that we put this into context and think about our priorities," Collins said.

Collins added that they want to prioritize the things that will benefit the country and its people, and spending their funds for the two royals who do not have HRH titles anymore is a different thing.

Despite all these oppositions, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police officials confirmed that Prince Harry and Meghan are entitled to protection and security in the country.

But that means they need 24 Mounties that will exactly suit the couple's security needs. However, it could cost around £1.2million a year, which is truly a load for the taxpayers.

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