Hailey Baldwin Happy to Break Up With Justin Bieber in 2016 -- Here's Why


Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are happily married now; however, it was not an easy journey before they arrived where they are now.

The dating history of Hailey and Justin is undoubtedly one of the most complicated stories among celebrity love stories. They went from being friends before they started dating, then broke up and got back together again. All the trials they went through became a solid foundation of their relationship.

Now, during her interview with ELLE, Hailey reminisced why and how things between her and the "Yummy" singer failed after they dated in 2016.

Happy Break-Up?

In her interview, Baldwin admitted she was happy she and Biebs broke up ... and for a good reason.

"There was a time when our lives seemed to be going in very different directions," Hailey said. I actually think-now that I look back at it being married-that it was a good thing for the two of us, very healthy."

To some, it was ironic to hear how separating became something very healthy and useful. But for the now-married couple, the time they spent away from each other helped them realize that they truly loved each other.

The American model went on and recalled how they started talking again a few years later and reconnected.

According to the former IMG Models representative, she saw the 25-year-old singer at a church conference in Miami once again. During that time, Hailey felt really happy to become friends with him again that she made it clear that she was cool to stay like that instead.

Justin, in return, refused to accept Hailey's friendship proposal and showed that he is a new person already.

With that, the model saw how he grew up and mature -- and she did, too.

"I was actually shocked. I think I had grown up a lot, too. He was somebody I'd always cared about so deeply and loved very deeply," Hailey revealed before claiming that everything they went through when they broke up was all worth it.

Baldwin concluded the interview by saying how incredible and good partner Justin is to her. The singer, according to Hailey, is the only one she wanted to spend her life with and she is lucky to be blessed with that chance. 

What Hailey Thought About Marrying Justin

Justin married Hailey twice, and though some people thought that she was too young to get married, tying the knotwith the singer was the happiest choice she ever made in her life.

In the same interview, Hailey said that she was aware that most people at her age do not want to get married yet. She shared her thoughts about it and said that those unmarried young people might still be figuring out the right person for them, and she saw it as something normal.

In addition, despite having a relationship for years, Hailey and Justin waited until they could finally move in together after their marriage.

"Neither of us believed in doing that, but to each their own. If you live with a boyfriend or a fiancé or whatever it is, that's cool," she approved.

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