Royal Fraud: Meghan Markle Accused of FAKING Her Love For Prince Harry

Is Meghan Markle fooling Prince Harry with her fake love all along just to taste the sweet life she did not have before?

Ever since Meghan started seeing Prince Harry, she became the focus of British tabloids, and the allegations against her still exist until now that she is married to the royal. However, aside from her battles against the media, a feminist recently attacked Meg  and questioned what she really feels toward the Duke of Sussex.

In an interview with 60 Minutes, the major voice of second-wave feminism Germaine Greer attacked and grilled the Duchess of Sussex for not being authentic enough in her marriage with Prince Harry.

What made the accusation even more of a bombshell was when Greer predicted that the end result of the so-called royal power couple would likely be a disastrous one. If that would really be the case, then the "Suits" actress would be blamed for being a pseudo wife.

"All I can think is she'd better be in love. If she's been faking it all this time, oh boy, what misery," Greer warned. "How many orgasms will it take? How many fake groans will get her through this?"

The 81-year-old public intellectual also claimed that the Megxit was part of Meghan's plan to manipulate the Royal Prince and use his name as a ladder to become more well-known in the entertainment industry.

According to Greer, the luxurious £32million royal wedding on May 19, 2018 started the show, and the supposed romantic wedlock turned into show business in disguise.

What made the marriage even more terrible was the existence of entertainment personalities in their marriage life.

The feminist added the fact that although Meghan became a duchess, she still did not give up the opportunities outside the royal palace -- only proving that Meghan's life only revolved around show business.

"The whole point about showbiz - it's not real, and it won't sustain you," she suggested.

Megxit Not a Surprise?

In the same mind-boggling interview, Greer revealed that she previously predicted that the Duchess of Sussex would really bolt from the royal family. Moreover, since she influenced Prince Harry so much, he also quit his royal life for her and their little family of three.

Two years ago, Greer told the same broadcaster that Meghan would leave -- whcih Markle did 599 days after she tied the knot with Prince Harry.

"She'll bolt. She's bolted before," the major voice of the second-wave feminist movement said, alluding to Meghan's split from her now-ex-husband Trevor Engelson back in 2013.

Fans Defended Meghan

Due to the insensitive comments and accusations the Australian writer uttered, Meghan's fans called her out to defend the Duchess of Sussex

One said, "The questioner was also obviously biased. Serves me right for watching this bull***t."

"This woman hates Meghan so much! Mind you, she hasn't spoken to Harry since before he started dating Meghan," another fan wrote.

Greer's unfair doubts also gained the attention of Prince Harry's official biographer, Angela Levin.

"I think a lot of the criticism has come about because she sort of lectures the public on how they should behave, but not do it herself," Levin said to point out that everything that the Duke did was his attempts to make his wife happy "to the detriment of himself."

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