Doug Hutchison is claiming that his 25-year-old wife Courtney Stodden faked her pregnancy and miscarriage. ALL THESE, for money!

In the actor's upcoming memoir entitled, "Flushing Hollywood: Fake News, Fake Boobs," which will hit shelves on March 10, Hutchinson recalled the time when the couple was so broke that they ended making things up.

In 2011, 50-year-old Hutchison made headlines for marrying then 16-year-old Stodden.

He was later dropped by his agent and was blackballed from casting directors when they knew he was marrying a teenager.

In 2016, Stodden was reportedly devastated for suffering a miscarriage.

However, she was never pregnant to start with.

"I'm not proud to admit this, but again, this book is about the truth. I don't justify it in my book. I'm actually ashamed of it," "The Green Mile" actor told Fox News.

The actor added that after using up all his savings and finding it hard to get a job, the American media personality came up with a "strategy."

According to the 59-year-old, the blonde bombshell was the one who came up with the idea, but he went along with it after being out of work and being blacklisted in Hollywood.

"I'm not trying to blame her, but it was her idea. She wanted to convince the public that she was pregnant so we can get paid for interviews and a possibility of a reality show," he shared.

Hutchinson claims that it was "all about survival" because they needed to pay rent and other bills.

"It was desperation. I was an accomplice. I felt at the time there was no other choice to survive."

He revealed that they weren't thinking of the consequences and the future.

"I think that in some ways, it was immoral. It was very unfair to those people out there who sincerely suffered from miscarriages. But then, we were completely broke."


The actor spoke to Fox about why he's releasing his new book, saying it's the most challenging chapter to write and reveals that he still has love for his former teen bride.

"I shot my career in the head for love, and in doing so, I lost my family and friends."

Hutchinson said he had nothing to lose, but just tell the truth through the book and wishes people won't interpret it as him being mean-spirited, angry, or bitter.

When asked if he regretted marrying the now 26-year-old Courtney Stodden, he immediately said he doesn't, adding, "I have absolutely no regrets in my life."

However, he wishes that he was able to handle certain aspects of his life differently.

With Doug Hutchison's memoir, he wishes it can finally shed some light on his journey and clear up "some long-existing misconceptions."

Last month, Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison finalized their divorce following a two-year separation.

When asked why it took so long for them to finalize their divorce, Stodden once shared this is because she filled out the forms incorrectly.

In their divorce settlement, Stodden kept all their furniture and appliances while Hutchison kept their 2001 Wrangler, according to TMZ.  

A representative for Stodden told Fox that she is aware of the book and "knows what's in it." However, she didn't give out a comment when asked for one.

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