Hailey Baldwin Spotted Shopping Lingerie After Justin's 'Crazy Sex Life' Revelation


Every strong, independent and empowered woman knows that wearing lingerie can boost confidence in no time. It makes them feel sexy and embrace their inner goddess like a true Victoria's Secret model.

While lingerie can be worn during a regular day at the office, most women opt to put their birthday suit on during special occasions. Aside from pleasing their partners, lingerie is also a way to turn themselves on during "sexy times."

Over the years, the sales of lingerie in the market always spikes up during February. It looks like Hailey Baldwin-Bieber joined the lingerie shopping ahead of Valentine's Day. It is after Justin Bieber's wife was spotted exiting a lingerie shop in Hollywood.

On Wednesday, the 23-year-old personality was spending her "me time" and was seen out and about in the streets of Los Angeles City.

Despite being perfectly fit, Hailey is known for covering up her sexy figure with her signature baggy sweats, while her hair is tied up in a messy bun.

But this time, the 5-foot-7 model opted for a change and showed off a little bit of her skin by wearing a baby blue coordinates sweats. According to the Daily Mail, Hailey is wearing a pair of cotton fleece set by Livin Cool (which cropped top showed a peek of her toned midriff) and paired it with casual plaid sneakers.

True to her laidback self, Hailey completed her look by carrying a small black handbag which she slung over her shoulder. She also tried to be incognito by wearing military-style square aviator sunglasses.

Based on the photos acquired by the news outlet, Mrs. Bieber is exiting from a lingerie shop called "Agent Provocateur" -- a British lingerie retailer that is one of the most iconic fashion brands in the world.

In one of the photos, the muse of Justin Bieber's latest album "Changes" could be seen enjoying her shopping time inside the lingerie store and carefully choosing her picks.

It looked like Hailey found something that she and her inner goddess liked, as she walked out the store carrying a baby pink shopping bag from the lingerie shop. She immediately headed back to her car afterwards.

Interestingly, Hailey's lingerie shopping came a day after the "Yummy" singer openly talked about their "crazy" sex life as husband and wife.

During his gig at Indigo at The O2 in London, the 25-year-old singer answered a curious fan who dared to ask about his activities during his free time.

"It just depends (on) who I'm with. So when I'm with my wife, we like to... um... I mean. You guys can guess what we do all day," a stuttering Justin said.

"It gets pretty crazy; I'll tell you that much," Justin continued as the audience exclaims upon realizing that he is talking about his sex life.

"No yeah, that's pretty much all we do, to be honest. We love to watch movies. We like to 'Netflix and chill.' We do more of the chilling part," the singer added.

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