Justin Bieber Drops Bombshell Revelation About 'Crazy' Sex Life With Hailey Baldwin

WARNING: Before proceeding to read, kindly bear in mind that Justin Bieber is already 25 years old -- a fully consenting adult married to a drop-dead gorgeous woman Hailey Baldwin. Keep in mind that he is no longer the 16-year-old baby boy Justin singing "Baby" and making all the teenage girls scream.

Justin's maturity has to be established as his sex life is involved, something that he openly talks about these days.

In a Q&A session after his performance at the Indigo at The O2 in London, Justin decided to give his fans a glimpse of his private life with his 23-year-old wife, Hailey.

One curious fan dared to ask the "Intentions" singer how does his day looks like when he is not making music, not on tour, or swamped with other work. The fan particularly asked what Justin does during his free time.

Instead of answering with the typical responses like his new hobby, his favorite movie, or favorite game, fans and audience were given an awakening after Justin revealed the intimate details about his daily life with his model wife.

"It just depends (on) who I'm with. So when I'm with my wife, we like to... um... I mean. You guys can guess what we do all day," a stuttering Justin said.

His initial response immediately drew scream and surprised reactions from the audience when they realized that he was actually talking about his private and intimate moments with Hailey.

"It gets pretty crazy; I'll tell you that much," Justin continued as the audience totally lost it with his revelation.

"No yeah, that's pretty much all we do, to be honest. We love to watch movies. We like to 'Netflix and chill.' We do more of the chilling part," the singer added.

Justin tried to calm the crowd down by leaning on to the topic of sports and talking about the kind of sports he loves to play. He said he always loved playing sports when he was young, specifically hockey and soccer.


It is not the first time that Justin openly talks about his Rated X moments with Hailey. In an interview with The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier this 2020, the singer revealed that his comeback single "Yummy" is actually inspired by the current state of his sex life.

"Yummy, what does that mean exactly? I mean, I think I know. but what were you thinking of when you wrote that 'yummy yummy'?" Ellen asked.

"My sex life," Justin quickly replied.

"It is what it is, right? I'm married! You know?" he added before grabbing his mug and drinking water provocatively.

In his very own documentary series on YouTube entitled "Seasons," Justin also opened up about his relationship with Hailey. He got reminiscent of the day he asked her to be his wife.

Justin recalled that he was shaking before popping the question to Hailey and just told her that he couldn't see spending his life with anyone else.

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