PDA is truly not for everyone, especially for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Recently, Kim and Kanye watched the NBA All-Star Game in Chicago, during which the kiss-cam pointed at their direction. While Kim certainly knew what to do, he husband either did not notice that it was a kiss-cam or he just chose to ignore it.

Unlike the other spectators who also got noticed by the camera lenses, the celebrity couple experienced their most awkward moment yet in front of thousands of audiences after the 42-year-old "I Love It" rapper did not move to kiss back the KKW Beauty mogul.

Epic Fail!

During the break, the camera focused on the 39-year-old mother-of-four. Kim blew kisses into the camera while her fans could be heard cheering and applauding in the background.

But things got awkward when the camera started to zoom in to Kanye.

Kim turned her head and reached for his husband using her puckered lips, expecting a kiss from him. But when the camera panned over again, the American rapper stared at nothingness with his sunglasses on.

After a quick second, he looked up at the big screen and realized that he just missed an opportunity on the kiss cam, with Kim still throwing a glance at him. When the screen showed both stars, the TV star decided to give him a smooch on his cheek instead since it was clear that he would not kiss her at any moment.

However, despite snubbing his wife's PDA, Kanye looked pleasantly surprised with the gesture that he flashed a smile before the camera cut their scene away.

A few moments after the embarrassing moment, their clip went viral as netizens roasted Kanye for not paying attention to his wife and refusing to kiss her.

Kanye Should've Kissed Her!

Kim's fans started to slam the Yeezy owner for letting the uncomfortable moment to happen.

"kim doesn't deserve a treatment like this," one fan tweeted. Another Twitter user said, "Someone tell @kanyewest he isn't God and to kiss his damn wife on the kiss cam.. wtf."

Despite all the negative comments he received, some fans Kim and Kanye still defended the rapper and believed that Kanye did not notice his wife's gesture.

"He clearly didn't notice she wanted a kiss cause when she kissed him he smiled hella big. awww that was cute at the end," a fan wrote.

Another wrote, "He's obsessed with her. I'm sure he wasn't paying attention lol."

Meanwhile, other admirers also saw the situation as a sign that there is a problem between their relationship.

One fan suggested that Kim is only concerned with the mental health status of Kanye and his overall being, most especially since it has been the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star's concern over the years.

All that said, Kim appeared to be unbothered by the "awkward" moment since she posted a screenshot of the scene on her Instagram Story.

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