Kim Kardashian Blackfishing? Mogul Faces Criticisms After 'Racist' Tutorial


Kim Kardashian disappointed her fans recently because of the way she shared her makeup routine.

On her Instagram stories, Kim posted a full makeup tutorial and explained how she creates the "Kim Kardashian" look every day.

While it seemed to be a typical video that most people see online, this particular clip of the KKW Beauty mogul received heavy backlash for what critics say cultural appropriation and blackfishing.

In the said post, Kim revealed her foundation and contour routine. However, the atmosphere changed when she mentioned that she uses her KKW Beauty products to darken her "too pale" hands.

"KKW Beauty Body Make Up is perfect for hands because my hands are always pale, and our formula is waterproof so you can wash your hands," Kim shared in an attempt to highlight her features just to appear more African-American.

As soon as she posted it on her Instagram Story, the image stormed Twitter and has been shared thousands of times. It even reached various news channels around the globe.

Not the First Blackfishing Incident?

The 39-year-old "Keeping Up with The Kardashians" star also received the same amount of hate in 2019.

In December of last year, she posed for the cover of 7Hollywood magazine. The theme for the shoot turned out to be a tribute to Old Hollywood charm and icon, Elizabeth Taylor.

To copy the late American-British actress, Kim showed off a bobbed wig and wore a cat-eye makeup.

Though the photoshoot (which was directed by Manfred Thierry Mugler himself) became a "dream come true" for the media personality, many people felt offended when Kim sported such deeply tanned skin. Netizens then started calling her out for "blackfishing."

A culture critic, Wanna Thompson -- who contributed in making the term "Blackfishing" -- said through Twitter that Kim and her family all have a countless number of cultural appropriation incidents in the past. Because of this, she expected her to know better about blackfishing.

"They know better. But they continue to do this because they know outrage sells," Thompson went on. "They're able to keep their name relevant by doing things like THIS." 

Mixed Reaction

Since a screen-capture of her hand already stormed the internet, many social media users shared their mixed comments regarding Kim's video. 

One netizen said, "​Kim kardashian has been blackfishing for so long she may have actually forgotten she's white."

Another one wrote, "As if her 'pale' hand isn't enough to show what her actual colour is. Ignorant people are going to stay ignorant whatever we say."

Despite the backlash she received, some people still defended the media personality and claimed that Kim was not really "blackfishing" on the tutorial video.

Kim has not responded to the criticisms yet, but her fans expect an update from her sooner rather than later.

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