Solving The Mysteries Behind Taylor Swift's 'The Man' Music Video

Taylor Swift did it again!

Tay-Tay wowed her fans by after releasing a mind-blowing music video of "The Man." On Thursday morning, Taylor treated Swifties by reinventing herself once again and literally transforming as a man in her new epic video.

The song, which she co-wrote with Joel Little, talks about Tay-Tay pondering how her life and career would turn out if she were a man.

In an interview with Vogue for September 2019 cover issue, the 30-year-old singer explained that the song plays with the idea of perception.

"If I [were a man and] had made all the same choices, all the same mistakes, all the same accomplishments, how would it read?" Taylor explained.

"The Man" music video is also Tay-Tay's first-solo directorial job. It could be recalled that she previously collaborated with directors for the music video of her other singles like "You Need To Calm Down," "Lover," and "Me!"

In the new music video, Taylor transforms into an obnoxious alpha-male who screams at employees, "manspreads" and smokes in the train, pees on the wall, parties with sexy ladies on the yacht, throws money at strip clubs, hails himself as "World's Greatest Dad" for a single play-time with his kid, and grows old marrying a younger woman.

But in true Taylor Swift fashion, this new music video is also full of mystery -- it even puts Sherlock Holmes mystery games to shame!

If you enjoyed the video, get ready to get your minds blown away as we crack the underlying messages and mysteries Tay-Tay used in this music video.

Wall of Fame

The man-version of Taylor pees on a vandalized wall, which shows the titles of her album like 1989, Fearless, Speak Now, Red, and Reputation.

Noticeably, there is also a sign on the wall that says: "Missing: If found return to Taylor Swift" and a "no scooters" sign. It is clearly a swipe to the alleged hiding of the master recordings of her first six albums by her former record label Big Machine and Scooter Braun.

As the man walks out, his pee could be seen glittering as it drips on the wall forming the words "The Man." It could be translated as "a man pissing all over a woman's work."

Genius, Tay-Tay! Genius! 

Kardashian-West Mansion Cameo 

The man also gives high-fives to a bunch of colorful hands while running through a grey and arched hallway. Looks familiar? Well, it could be another swipe to Taylor's nemesis and decade long Taylor-KimYe feud.

The said hallway looks similar to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's odd mansion.

19 Hands for a Reason

In a teaser Tweet, Taylor said that there were 19 hands in the hallway scene, to which fans think as the singer's lowkey political shoutout to the 19th amendment of the US Constitution.

Agitated Male Athlete

The music video also features a male tennis player playing for a "woman's charity." Later on, he argued with the umpire for not winning. This is inspired by tennis athlete Serena Williams' 2018 US Open final loss, where she was fined for calling the umpire a "liar" and "thief."



And finally, during the train scene, a passenger opens a newspaper with a headline "What man won the year in celebrity dating?" It is a nod to how people judge her for jumping from one relationship to another calling her "serial dater" and "maneater," while male celebs who dated the same or even most number of women are not facing such scrutiny.

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