Kim Kardashian has finally spoken up about the issue that she booed Tristan Thompson during one of his NBA games last January.

Rumors Are Just That: Rumors

In a clip from an upcoming episode of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," the KKW Beauty founder denied the accusations that she specifically went to watch the game to put down and embarrass Tristan Thompson (Khloe Kardashian's ex-boyfriend and baby daddy.

"You guys looked so cute. You look like you had a lot of fun, so that's good," Khloe Kardashian told her sister Kim. She was referring to the photos of Kim and husband Kanye West watching the game of Cleveland Cavaliers courtside.

"I just hated the reports that said 'Kim is booing Tristan,'" Kim responded before she showed her sister how she cheered for her ex-boyfriend who was playing at that time. "Go, Tristan! Go!"

However, her sister remarked that it was not Kim's vibe to cheer.

To recall, Kim and Kanye watched the January game between the Cavs and the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center. They were sitting courtside looking happy together, but there was a photo of Kim that wen viral where she appeared to be heckling Tristan.

We Are Family

Although Tristan and Khloe refused to confirm rumors of the two of them getting back together, it seems Khloe's sister is letting everyone know she is supportive of the Cavs player. However, it took some time for Kim to warm up to Thompson following the news of his infidelity with Jordyn Woods.

Over time and with much effort on Tristan's part, the two have gotten closer together. In fact, they would hang out together as friends.

With that said, Kim would likely be the most supportive if Khloe decides to get back with Tristan in the future.

"It's crazy that this world would think that you and your husband would go and watch a game to deliberately with the intent of booing True's dad," Khloe said about the booing incident, proving that Kim and Tristan are indeed close.

Kim replied with a smirk before Khloe went on another epic rant.

"They would much rather believe some nasty, exaggerated bull***t than the truth: yeah we're family, we're supporting him, great! It's exciting," Khloe said.

Sources close to Khloe believe that the reality star is still very much in love with Thompson despite the fact that she has publicly cheated on her in the past. In fact, while the 35-year old star was pregnant with their child, she caught Tristan with another woman and still forgave him.

However, since the news of his cheating made headlines in 2019, the two have broken up. Yet, Tristan has tried so hard to win his baby mama back with his social media flirting and lavish gifts.

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