Prince Harry, Meghan Markle May Regret Megxit When THIS Happens

Many have warned Prince Harry of his decision to quit the royal family. Critics said that when the Duke of Sussex looks back and decides to undo what he has done, the doors of the royal firm might remain close for him, his wife Meghan Markle and their little family. 

Doors Are Closing

On Wednesday, Prince Harry came back to the U.K. for the last round of engagements as a senior member of the royal family. In a few weeks, he and Meghan Markle will formally step away from their duties as members of the monarchy.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expected to push through with their plan to become more financially independent. Once all the details of their separation have been approved by the Queen, everything will become official by March 31 of this year. 

However, critics were too quick to warn the prince that his decision to step back as a royal might not just close the doors of the royal family for him. When he and Meghan decide to forge international ties to gain support for their non-profit organizations, not all the doors will be welcoming. 

"What you have to remember is that Harry grew up in an environment where he could ask for help, free help from pretty much everyone," said Max Foster, a Europe correspondent of CNN who has been reporting on the upcoming departure of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry from the U.K.

Selling The "Sussex" Brand

"He can go to any government department and ask for help. He's got access. Doors are open to him because he is part of the royal family," Foster emphasized. 

With that said, Foster pointed out that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex might need to sell their image to be able to gather support for their future pursuits.

"They won't be open to him anymore," Foster added, referring to the connections he had previously that might break once he steps away from the royal family.

Moreover, Foster warned that the couple lacks the experience in making business within the celebrity scene. He further emphasized that Prince Harry does not have any experience selling himself and his ideas as other celebrities do. 

"Even the Duchess who has had a career in Hollywood does not have any experience either, not at that level," Foster said. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have little hope that the Queen would allow them to continue using the "Sussex Royal" brand. 

Sure enough, they are banking on the "Sussex Royal" brand as they pursue support for their future charity. In fact, they even applied for its trademark in May 2018 to ensure that they would be able to use it.

However, according to the statement issued last week, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have agreed to give up the brand. They fought a good fight, insisting that the Queen did not have any jurisdiction for the executive use of the word "royal" in other countries.

In addition, the couple's current circumstances will be reviewed after a year. This is to ensure that the projects they take on for their personal financial gain did and will not disrupt royal practices or break royal traditions. 

Although things might not have gone as planned, Harry and Meg remain positive that it will end well. After all, their goal was simply to live a simple, happy life together while building their family and their dreams. 

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