Britney Spears is in no rush to release new music soon. In fact, the "Criminal" singer is enjoying her sweet time away from the limelight as she enjoys her Yoga.

Britney on a Hiatus

By far, this has been the longest break that the "Sometimes" artist has taken in between the cycles of her album. It has been four years since the release of "Glory" and she is perfectly okay with that.  

"Britney is in no rush to record any new song again. The thought barely crossed her mind," a source revealed to Us Weekly

During her much-needed time off, Britney has been helping provide care for her father Jamie Spears, who has suffered from a ruptured colon in November 2018. Her hiatus from producing music has also been used to help her focus on her overall wellbeing

In fact, Britney checked herself in a mental health facility to get professional help. She got in on March of 2019 after struggling with the effects of changing her medications. 

In her recent social media posts, Britney has been sharing her journey in discovering the healthier version of herself. She has lost a significant amount of weight and is now working on achieving that well-toned, healthy body. 

Will She Ever Go Back?

Larry Rudolph, her long-time manager, revealed in an interview in 2019 that Britney Spears is clearly not interested in performing again. "She may never perform again," Rudolph said.

Later, Rudolph clarified that he was not sure if Britney has made up her mind about performing. However, Britney's 13-year old son Jayden seemed to have dropped a hint about what his mother was up to. 

On March 3, Jayden told fans that his mother had considered quitting her music career in the past. In his Instagram Live, Jayden answered questions from fans. He recalled the time when he asked his mom about her music and the singer said, "I don't know honey. I think I might just quit it."

In the same post, Jayden talked about his own aspirations in the music industry. He said he wanted to be a music producer. When a fan asked if his mom is working on some new music, the 13-year old replied,

"I haven't seen her doing any music at all. I don't know."

Does this mean the end of her career? Has Britney Lost The Passion?

Although it is taking a while before she comes up with a new album or, at least, releases a new song, the rhythm of the Princess of Pop remains there. 

"Dance has always been Britney's creative outlet. Not only does it help her stay in shape, but it has also become a form of therapy that helps clear her mind," the same source told Us Weekly. 

The insider source revealed that it may be possible for Britney to stop making music, but she will never stop dancing -- whether that's in front of 25,000 people in a crowded concert or at the comforts of her own backyard. 

Another source said that the 38-year old singer has not dropped a hint of wanting to go back to recording again. She has not expressed her desire to go on a tour since she made the announcement of an indefinite career hiatus in January of last year. 

The Grammy winner has not performed in front of a large crowd since she ended her "Piece of Me" tour.

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