Did Meghan Markle find life being a duchess boring that she ultimately pushed the Megxit?

Prince Harry and Meghan will finally say their goodbyes to the royal family after they delivered their final duty as senior members of the royal family on the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey on March 9.

However, actor David Spade shared how he thought that Meghan could have left earlier as soon as she found her life inside the palace dull.

During the latest episode of "The Kelly Clarkson Show," the actor shared how the duchess only got carried away of the idea of becoming a princess, and how, in the end, she realized that it was wrong for her to become part of the monarchy.

"She goes over to England and she has this crazy wedding and she's literally royalty but then it gets a little mundane and she's like, 'All right, let's head back to LA I've got to go to my Cold Reading class on Pico again and just get back into acting,'" the 55-year-old former "Saturday Night Live" cast said.

According to Spade, Meghan swept off her feet but got them to feel cold upon starting her life with the royal family since her marriage with the Duke of Sussex in May 2018.

Since the announcement of Megxit, he said that he realized that the fun part for Meghan was over, and she found everything a little boring now.

Spade went on and joked about how the duchess might have found Buckingham Palaces "too big" for her, and leaving was the only choice she had to survive.

Duke and Duchess of... Kardashians?!

Meanwhile, Ron Funches, who was also a guest on the show during the same episode, uttered how Prince Harry and Meghan ultimately transformed into Kardashians-like couple.

He added that the royal couple is now famous for the same reason the Kardashian clan are -- their last name.

"They're stepping on the Kardashians of being famous for doing nothing," the 37-year-old comedian claimed. "The Kardashians are mad. They don't want 'em here."

It is worth noting how the media has been referring to the Kardashians as the royal family of America -- but more influential than the British royal family.

Previously, even the "Good Morning Britain" journalist Piers Morgan thought that Meghan is becoming a little Kim Kardashian.

During his interview for TMX Fox News Special Documentary "Harry & Meghan: The Royals In Crisis" earlier this 2020, he called the duchess of Sussex as a "self-obsessed" Kardashian and a person who is trying so hard to be like Princess Diana.

"If Meghan Markle thinks she is going to emerge from this as some kind of Princess Diana figure, she needs to think again," Morgan exclaimed. "She's going to end up like a mini royal Kim Kardashian with all the ignominy that goes with that title."

Meghan getting rebranded by Morgan came after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced their departure from the royal family -- which became popularly known as "Megxit." Piers added that the drama they created could be the beginning of the end for the monarchy.

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