Prince Harry Can Be Ostracized For 'Selfish Escape' During Coronavirus Pandemic, Commentator Warns

Is Prince Harry selfish? This is what some are calling him because he's nowhere to be found in the United Kingdom amid crisis. A commentator warns that no matter how logical their actions are today, they can still be misconstrued by people who feel left behind.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly in LA while the pandemic sweeps across the world, the UK included. While their absence is justified, since they already stepped down from their senior roles, one royal commentator claimed that the two are just disappointing.

For the commentator, the couple could do so much more to show that they care about the crisis in Prince Harry's home country, and both had missed an opportunity by not immediately returning when they knew something could happen to the royal family and the country. 

On March 31, Harry and Meghan will officially cease to be royals. They will have the opportunity to pursue whatever they want in full freedom. However, with the coronavirus, their choices are quite hindered as of the moment.

When they left the UK, it is understood that they would be based in Canada for a while with their son Archie Harrison, but it is now reported that they already moved to Meghan's native town, which is LA

They are free to pursue what they want but people believe that continuing to do so even if the country that once looked up to them is in crisis, is a tad bit cold. According to the commenter, their posts on Instagram are just serving to irk people more.

"However logical leaving Britain for Canada and then leaving Canada for Hollywood may seem to them, their contribution to helping those afflicted and those feeling threatened by COVID-19 has been limited to a few Instagram posts which are worth little," the commenter shared. 

Criticisms intensified further, especially against Prince Harry, because his own father has tested positive of the dreaded virus. And yet, this news was matched by the report that Meghan and Harry moved to LA, which for some is just a clear sign of their selfishness. He said that people expect so much more from Harry because he was brought up by Charles and Diana with "certain values." 

Even though their leaving was because of the imminent closing of the borders between the US and Canada, people are mostly going to believe that they made a move to pursue some ambitions. "The image this will create is that they are on a journey for themselves at a time when their undoubted global reach could give some succor to others," the commentator warned. 

Another damning report is that Prince Harry burned bridges with QUeen Elizabeth only through an email. The two were reportedly pissed for the complaints they were receiving about Markle's behaviors right from the start, and this irritation just build over time. The insider claimed that the Palace did more to bend over the two's wishes, but ultimately still did not satisfy them. As a result, Megxit happened.

One royal insider told the Daily Mail, "Harry has given up everything, literally everything. He has burnt every single bridge back at home. And ­Meghan? Well, I rather think she's got what she wanted..."

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