Ellen Degeneres' Empathy During Coronavirus Crisis is Backfiring On Her, Why All the Hate?

Ellen DeGeneres is no doubt a bit bored during this coronavirus self-isolation period. Her Instagram contains a lot of evidence. However, one particular post got some of her fans irked.

On March 27, the talk show host and comedienne posted a video of her walking, an activity she has taken on while this uncertain period of lock down. She started off by saying that it is nice that people can walk outside in nature instead of in gym during this time. She then also said she symphatize with people feeling anxious and struggling right now. 

The host revealed that she too is experiencing these bouts of fears and worries as well. 

After saying all these, she went on to say that her shop, EDbyEllen.com is giving everyone who will buy her items a 25% off. Parts of the proceeds of her store will also be donated to Direct Relief. She capped that video by sending love to all her followers.

The video looks nondescript and simple enough, but some commenters claimed that the much-loved host is being overly dramatic. Some seem to be mocking her for claiming she's anxious and worried as well, while others truly think she's suffering from something, because she seems jittery and out of sorts.

For example, maven_nicole wrote, "Tell us, how are you struggling and having a hard time Ellen? You arent sick. You have more money than god. And you are locked down in a multi million dollar home. Every video you post your voice quivers and you are acting like a tweaker going through withdrawal." 

Another commenter, angelgeemarie wrote that she does not understand why Ellen Degeneres could even claim she's struggling and having a hard time. "Is anyone else during this corona virus panicking as much as her ? Geeezzz she's acting like something much bigger is bothering her . I have experienced much worse things and never acted like her," she wrote. The commenter added that Degeneres is apparently jittery and twitching and sounds like she's going to cry in every IG post. 

Another also said that it is ironic that she could be worried and anxious as the rest of her followers when she lives on a mansion and has a massive net worth. 

Obviously, these can be taken as comments of miffed followers these days who find celebrities easy to target for their hateful comments. But others also find it disappointing that she's asking people to buy things from her shop before donating to Direct Relief. 

It seems unfair though that commenters are being mean to the host when she's done her fair share of helping not just this period of pandemic, but also in past tragedies. Apart from her donation through her own shop, the host has also been active in other programs to raise novel coronavirus relief funds. The most recent ne was when she, along with Lady Gaga and Ryan Seacrest, among other artists participated in 'iHeart Living Room Concert for America." a special virtual concert designed for raising much-needed funds.

The Ellen DeGEneres show has been suspended due to the coronavirus threat and since then, the host has been posting a lot of personal IG videos to entertain herself and her fans. She had always been an avid poster of videos from her show, but now that the show is on hold, she is taking the liberty to always cheer up her fans or at least keep them updated about what she's doing. However, given the comments on her recent post, it can be ascertained that she's not safe against trolls and haters. 

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