Spoiled Brats! Meghan Markle, Harry Slammed For Being Like 'Spoilt Defiant Teenagers'

As part of the Sussexes' Spring 2020 transition, stepping down as senior members of the royal family becomes official on April 1st. The couple will be given a 12-month transition period to make sure all arrangements will work on every party involved.

On the day Prince Harry and Meghan Markle officially dropped their role as senior royals, a royal biographer lambasted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for acting like spoiled brats on their every little move. 

Spoiled Royals

In her column on Tatler in the wake of the so-called "Megxit," royal biographer Angela Levin criticized the couple for hurriedly flying to Los Angeles and leaving the Commonwealth country of Canada to follow Meghan's Hollywood dreams. 

The biographer explained that she expected Harry and Meghan would be dignified and gracious on their final exit, but they chose to drop their private life in Canada over a celebrity hot spot. She also slammed Meghan's decision to start her post-royal hustle by narrating a Disney documentary film.

"Their choice of priorities smacks more of spoilt defiant teenagers than adults in their mid and late thirties," Levin wrote. 

The author said that it is quite hard to believe that the Harry she met three years ago would be able to take moving miles away from his family in the middle of a national health crisis, all while his 71-year-old father is recovering from coronavirus and his grandparents are isolating to protect their health. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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Prince Harry's Changes

The author, who had spent some private time with the 35-year-old Prince back in 2017 while drafting her book "Harry: Conversations With The Prince," also said that she barely recognizes the Duke anymore. 

"He came across as charismatic, intuitive and quick-witted but also restless and troubled," Levin said of Harry during the time the Prince was newly engaged to the former "Suits" actress. 

"Harry and Meghan's behavior is becoming increasingly self-centered."

The royal biographer claimed that Harry has "turned sour" and was "obviously stressed" during his last days as a working royal. 

"Although I barely recognize him, I still believe that internally he is tearing himself into shreds about leaving his family, his country, and his military connections," Levin added.

Prince Harry
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Harry's Unfulfilled Duty To Protect His Mother

According to Levin, Prince Harry thinks he has not done enough to protect his late mother, Diana Princess of Wales, so he is doing everything he can now to shield his wife and make her happy. 

"One day, he needs to ask himself if his wife could ever be happy or if she's someone who always wants more," the royal biographer added.

Meghan Markle
(Photo : HENRY NICHOLLS/ Reuters)

"Come Home, Harry!"

In the end, the royal author imagined how Prince Harry could make a difference during this time of national crisis. 

She said that the Duke could have boosted the morale of the British people and work hand-in-hand with his brother, a role that Harry said he always wanted. 

"The country he loves is really struggling. Come home Harry. Your Country Needs YOU," Levin said. 

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