Fans are intensely worried that Cardi B has coronavirus. This, after she complained of coronavirus symptoms. 

But she is not dealing with coronavirus and is certainly not a person under investigation in this COVID crisis.

The rapper, however, for a while, did make her fans think that. She personally tweeted and even deleted said tweet, that she checked herself into ER on Wednesday. 

These days, a hospital visit is likely to spark more fear and concern than it does traditionally. 

Fortunately (or still, unfortunately), she was only dealing with severe stomach issues, but not the deadly coronavirus. The "Hustlers" actress herself was scared for a bit. 

"I've been very f-king sick these past five days ... not corona," she said on Instagram Live on Thursday. "I have really bad stomach issues ... I started throwing up ... I took a pregnancy test cuz a bitch never f-king knows."

She is also not pregnant.

However, she cannot underestimate the pain that she was feeling. It got so bad that she needed to call her doctor for an in-home visit. She presently lives with her husband, Offset and daughter, Kulture.

She explained next that since doctors are not allowed to go to people's homes right now, she was advised to drink a lot of ginger tea first. 

She also explained that she is stuck in LA, which causes her to have bad eating habits. Most of her foods are ordered in because nobody wants to cook for her. She reportedly hired chefs twice already, and each one was nasty as well as expensive.

She then narrated that she did not eat for four days straight, leading to bad headaches. This eventually landed her in the hospital, even though she did not want to. She was sick, and the press reportedly ran with it by making all sorts of coronavirus-related assumptions. However, she found out that she did not have coronavirus from her publicist.

Despite this good news, many are still irked when they think of Cardi B and coronavirus at the same time. The singer-actress had ranted incessantly about the virus last month, and she even put out some conspiracy theories, including one where celebrities are reportedly cashing in on the panic by claiming they tested positive for the virus even if they do not.

It can be remembered that Idris Alba was really pissed off about that.

However, Cardi B is also reminding people now that in the video that went super viral, she heavily warned that the coronavirus was going "to get real' and it did! 

Interestingly, people did notice that she was harping about the virus all the time. As a result, according to Pex, which is an LA-based video and music analytics firm, Cardi B displaced Kylie Jenner from her Instagram domination in 2019. In March, Cardi B became the Instagram viral-video queen. Half of the ten most-viewed videos on Instagram reportedly came from the rapper. All these revolved around COVID-19 and her intense fears about it.  

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