Horrifying! Johnny Depp Has Finger Chopped Off During Fight With Amber Heard

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp only wanted to protect Amber Heard, but he only got a chopped finger in return.

In an exclusive video released by DailyMail.com, Depp can be seen recalling how he got his infamous finger injury in the past.

According to the 56-year-old "Pirates of the Caribbean" star, he intentionally trapped his middle finger in a door in pursuit of protecting his ex-wife.

"And so I said that it was caught in the door in these huge accordion doors at this house, that wasn't the case at all," Depp revealed. "She smashed, she threw a vodka bottle at me and my, my hand was resting on the marble of the bar like that."

He went on and narrated how the first bottle failed to touch his skin and only went past his ear.

However, Heard threw the second bottle -- a larger one -- from a distance before it smashed to his finger, which he eventually nicknamed "little Richard."

The tip of his finger was too injured that even its bone got wholly shattered.

"I mean, it looked like Vesuvius and then I got infections. I ended up with MRSA twice, so it was very complicated," Depp said with a wry smile.

The actor also reminisced how hard he tried to get his finger back before dealing with his then-wife who chopped it off.

The publicized clip was only a small part of the videotaped legal dispute made by his former lawyer, Jake Bloom.

His fans saw a glimpse of his poor finger for the first time, aside from when it was still covered up during his final filming days for "Pirates of the Caribbean" and during the premiere of "Black Mass" at the BFI London Film Festival way back in October 2015. 

Heard's Different Version?

Before their supposed trial on March 23 (which eventually got canceled due to coronavirus pandemic), a series of alleged text messages from Depp was read out in court by The Sun's representatives, Adam Wolanski, QC, and their columnist Dan Wootton.

The actor and The Sun's team are currently in a libel battle for the publication's article about Depp being abusive toward Heard.

The said messages revealed that the 56-year-old "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald" actor once pushed Heard by hitting her on a ping-pong table before allegedly molesting her.

"That night the complainant shoved Ms. Heard into a ping-pong table, threw bottles through window panels of a glass door, then grabbed Ms. Heard and tore off her nightgown," the statement read, referring to the March 4, 2015 incident.

During the said heated fight, Depp accidentally cut off his finger and texted his doctor to ask for some advice about his injury.

"I cut the tip of my middle finger off. What should I do? Except of course go to the hospital," Depp allegedly texted. "I am so embarrassed for jumping into anything with her. [Expletive] in the world. JD."

Twelve days later, Depp sent another text message to Dr. Kipper, thanking the doctor for taking care of him. The same message revealed that the actor mentioned that he was the one who chopped his left middle finger off, and its scar should be a reminder not to cut it off again.

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