The whole world was in awe of how calming and comforting the Queen's emotional televised speech was last Sunday.

Queen Elizabeth II delivered a historic nation's address about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that has greatly affected nations across the globe.

From her official residence in Windsor Castle, the 93-year-old monarch encouraged his fellow Brits to prove that this generation is "as strong as any" and assured the public that "better days will return."

The Queen also acknowledged the magnitude of the health crisis in the history of England and expressed his hopethat "everyone will be able to take pride" on how their countrymen responded to the challenging situation.

Donald Trump Praised Queen Elizabeth

Brits flocked social media to commend Queen Elizabeth II's heartwarming nation's address.

One online user posted: "How lucky are we to have Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth as our Sovereign." Another one commented: "HM The Queen. Providing sense in so much uncertainty. What a woman."

Meanwhile, U.S President Trump said nothing but good words to the longest-reigning monarch after hearing her touching and powerful speech.

Known for his vocal admiration tof the Queen, Trump took to Twitter to praise Britain's reigning monarch.

"A great & wonderful woman!" Trump wrote.

During his state banquet at Buckingham Palace in 2019, the U.S President paid tribute to the "eternal friendship" between the U.K and the U.S and even called the Queen as a "great, great woman".

Trump Compared To Queen Elizabeth II

However, tables have turned for Trump, as he was slammed by his fellow Americans on how he handled the coronavirus crisis.

Over the past few weeks, since COVID-19 has massively struck America, Trump sent mixed messages to the public and gave misleading information regarding testing kits, pandemic timeline, and ventilator supplies.

The 45th U.S President was also lambasted after he vowed to "open the country" and to be fully operational by this coming weekend even in the middle of the pandemic.

"Our country was not built to be shut down," Trump declared. "We are going to be opening up our country for business because our country was meant to be open."

With this, health officials predicted a huge spike in COVID-19 cases if the public would indeed return to its normal lifestyle.

The Presidential daughter Ivanka Trump also recognized the Queen's nation address, as she re-posted in her Twitter account a clip from the televised speech.

Netizens immediately criticized the 38-year-old presidential senior adviser for the administration's lack of action during the health crisis.

"How dare you! 9,600 Americans are dead already - and your father is tweeting, lying, blaming but doing nothing of substance. Start at home. Tell him to bring in qualified experts to run this. American people are dying! Do something worthwhile with your access," replied by user @Amy_Siskind.

Another follower replied: "She got better ratings than your dad."

As of this writing, the U.K has reached more than 51,000 confirmed cases with 5,000 fatalities while the U.S soared to 366,000 COVID-19 cases and nearly 11,000 reported deaths.

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