Royal Shock: Prince Harry Partly To Blame For Hollywood Move?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are now starting their new lives as non-royals, with the couple immediately packing their bags from their quiet sanctuary in Canada to move to an A-list celebrity exclusive compound in Malibu. 

While it may seem that the decision to move was Meghan's, as she is reportedly set to take on Hollywood and begin the lifestyle that she has always wanted, it was not hard for her to convince Prince Harry to live a celebrity life.

The Sun's source reported that the 35-year-old prince is reportedly "smitten" and "starstruck" over the whole thing.

Many commentators have questioned whether the Duke is cut out for the Hollywood celebrity lifestyle. But according to a former friend of the Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry has nothing to worry about.

"I think Harry will like the change of scenery and the kind of attention they will be getting," the said former friend shared.

Maybe Prince Harry had a change of heart, especially after telling everyone that he and his wife had to escape the royal spotlight back in January.

However, his dilemma would have been more sympathetic to many, had he not left the media hotspot of the U.K. and exchange it for Los Angeles. With that said, a lot argue that the real reason they left the royal family behind was not because of privacy or media but because of the celebrity lifestyle they both wanted.

The Duke of Sussex is not even called Prince Harry anymore, as he is now Hollywood Harry, according to CCN

Reports of them moving have also been damaging to the couple because as they hide out in Los Angeles while freeloading on Prince Charles' millions of dollars, the British royal family is holding the fort back home. 

Although several other reports said Prince Harry was concerned for his father, who was diagnosed with coronavirus in March, the Duke of Sussex did not return to Britain and instead hid behind closed doors as he and Meghan "take their much-need break."

Meghan's former unnamed friend told The Sun that she was not surprised that Meghan and Prince Harry sped up their move to Los Angeles instead of returning to the U.K. to join and help the royal family. 

"They weren't even a consideration for her, it's been obvious from the start," said the source. 

The said friend continued by saying Meghan's relationship with the royal family seemed to be dependent on her freedom to have a role "that she felt was big enough for her."

"She wanted it her way, and she wanted it quickly - she was never wanted to change the timeline for them," the source added/

The source furthered that stories of security issues, border closure, and taxes in Canada are just some convenient excuses of the couple in order to put their plan into action. 

The release of Meghan's first project post-Megxit "Elephant" was also great timing.

The publication's source further detailed that the Duchess of Sussex was delighted to be able to persuade her husband to move their lives to her hometown at such a fast pace. 

"Anyone who knows her knew that this is where it was headed as soon as she saw she wasn't happy with how things were in the UK."

Everything is negotiable for Meghan Markle, according to the source. When things are not in her favor, the former "Suits" star "is prepared to cut her losses."

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