Royal Mockery: Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Labeled 'Gold Diggers?’

Fresh from "Megxit," Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are still trying to find their way through without all the help they are used to getting.

With that said, they immediately encountered a huge problem after the name of their new charity foundation has been revealed. 

Gold Diggers

Meghan and Harry announced the name of their new charitable foundation "Archewell." However, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex failed to register the website and domain name of the Archewell Charitable Foundation. 

And so, cyber-squatters were able to get it and lead fans somewhere else other than the supposed website of the upcoming foundation. 

Fans who tried to access were surprisingly redirected to Kanye West's YouTube video of his song "Gold Digger." The song was a collaboration between the rapper and Jamie Foxx released in 2005. 

Since all eyes are on the couple who is just starting to find their way into the "real" world, many social media users have noticed the embarrassing blunder. 

One Twitter user wrote, "Uh oh. As of 7 April, if you enter in your browser, it actually links to Kanye West's - Gold Digger video on YouTube."

Another user pointed out the seemingly contrasting plans of Harry and Meghan, especially after they announced that they would not be launching their charity any time soon.

"So. Meghan and Harry leave the UK to raise their son in privacy. They move to LA. No, we aren't going to launch a foundation. 2 wks later they announced The Archewell Foundation," the comment read. 

"If u type YouTube plays Golddigger by Kanye West. Hilarious. 10/10," another user tweeted.

News outlet FEMAIL tried to get a comment from Buckingham Palace, but they refused as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are no longer working members of the royal family. 

Interestingly, the singer Kanye West was himself a victim of a similar prank back in 2015. An internet troll redirected to Kanye West's Wikipedia entry. 

A Source Of Action

Despite what happened, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle said they are looking forward to starting working on their Archewell Foundation. The Greek word arche in the foundation's name means "a source of action."

The couple revealed that it is the inspiration behind their son's name, Prince Archie. 

The couple hopes that this new name of their foundation will replace their Sussex Royal brand. They plan to continue what they have started with their old charity work through this new foundation. 

The royal couple also hopes that they would be able to include their own website, as well as their own charity as part of their grand plan to become financially independent from the royal family. 

Further details of the foundation have yet to be revealed, hopefully when the COVID-19 pandemic has passed. The couple said that the announcement of their foundation will be made "when the time is right."

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