Miley Cyrus Confession: 'Wrecking Ball' NOT for Liam Hemsworth: 'I Wasn't Crying Over My Breakup!'

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has written a lot of break up songs in the past, but one of the most well-known of these is "Wrecking Ball."

Recently, she told Kerry Washington in an Instagram Live show for "Bright Minded" that while writing and recording the song, she wasn't thinking of her then ex-fiancé (who is now her ex-husband), Liam Hemsworth.

"When I did 'Wrecking Ball,' everyone thought I was crying over my breakup. But I was actually crying over my dog who had just died," the former "Hannah Montana" star revealed.

"And the whole time I was shooting the video, there was a photo of my dog right underneath the camera. I couldn't relate to the song that day, but it doesn't matter," she continued.

"What's something that really makes me feel like broken pieces," Miley asked.

"It was losing my dog," she answered.

The dog she was referring to is Lila, a 20-year-old Yorkie that she adopted in 2011, who later died in the same year. In a tweet she posted in December 2011, "For everyone asking, I have never been so hurt in my life. My heart has never been so broken," was actually meant for her Yorkie and not Liam.

"Wrecking Ball" was the second song she released on her 2013 album, "Bangerz." The tune became an anthem in mid-2013 and later, the music video was released in August 2013.

A couple of days later, it has been reported that Miley and Liam broke off their engagement. After the music video was released, she came to her defense about the nudity in the clip telling Us Weekly, "I think the video is so much more. If people get past the point I make, and you actually look at me, you can tell I look more broken than even the song sounds."

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth had an on-again, off-again relationship in the past couple of years.

They have a complicated history, after first getting together while filming for the movie, "The Last Song." In 2012, the pair got engaged and famously split in 2013, remaining apart for years before getting back together again in 2016.

The two remained engaged for a few years and got married in 2018, after their house in Malibu was destroyed by wildfire.

Miley and Liam separated in mid-2019, later prompting Liam to file for divorce.

Liam filed for irreconcilable differences because it seemed like Miley didn't want to settle down yet, whereas Liam wanted marriage and family.

Both have moved on since.

Miley is currently dating Australian singer-writer Cody Simpson, while Liam is dating model Gabriella Brooks.

Eight months after their breakup, a source told Entertainment Tonight how Miley feels about Liam, and it seems like everybody is in good vibes.

"She knows how important love and marriage are for him. Miley and Liam have moved on, and it seems they're both where they most want to be in life."

The source added that while Liam's family has been a huge support since their breakup, it was Gabriella who made the actor feel that there is life after Miley.

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