Jason Momoa and Emilia Clarke have undeniable on-screen chemistry, which we all have seen during their weird but romantic pairing in Game of Thrones.

They played the role of Khal Drogo and Daenerys so perfectly that fans fell in love with their pairing even if their characters' love story started as an arranged marriage, and Khal Drogo is seemingly raping Khaleesi as his wife. 

Their chemistry on "Game of Thrones" is so effective that even in the absence of cheesy dialogue, they can still deliver that romantic feels by just gazing at each other's eyes. Their pairing was so good that fans were devasted when Momoa's character was eventually killed off in the series. 

But it looks like Momoa and Clarke could be reunited on screen again as fans are requesting for the 33-year-old English actress to replace Amber Heard in the DC Comics film, Aquaman 2

Just recently, a fan by the name Chantall Meyer set up an online petition to urge Warners Bros to drop Amber Heard playing the character or Mera and instead have Clarke to do the portrayal in the upcoming installment of the DC superhero movie. 

The petitioner pointed out that the 33-year-old American actress will not serve as a good role model for the show, considering the domestic violence controversies she is facing against ex-husband Johnny Depp. 

"Amber heard has falsely accused Johnny Depp of abusing her when it turns out she is the abuser herself. I feel like if she stays on the movie/ franchise, this will send a bad message," the petition reads. 

The petitioner explained that if Aquaman writers already brought awareness about water pollution through the first succesful movie, then they should not keep an abuser like Heard to play one of the lead roles. She encouraged the film studio to punish Heard accordingly by dropping her off the film. 

The fan also argued that Clarke possesses much better chemistry with Momoa and added that the two actors are already friends and comfortable with each other, so acting as love interest would no longer be a big deal. 

"Emilia is also a fan/people favorite; they will be good publicity for the movie since everyone loves Emilia and has had any bad press," the statement continued. 

The fan said that she believes Clarke will not just take this as just another movie role but a serious portrayal. 

As of writing, the petition in change.org now has a total of 11,978 signatures, close to its aimi to get at least 15,000 petitions.

Those who signed up agreed to Chantall and said Heard does not deserve to be in such a big movie, especially since the majority of the target audience are from the younger generation. 

"Heard is a confirmed serial abuser who falsified evidence to sabotage Johnny Depp's entire career. Booting her off her projects is the very least of the consequences she should face," one petitioner wrote. 

"Emilia would be AMAZING in this role!! It would take Aquaman to a whole new level," another one added.

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