Wild Child? 'KUWTK' Fans Are Worried For THIS Young Kardashian Family Member

Since the start of the coronavirus lockdown in the US, Mason Kardashian Disick has been dishing out some controversial things about his famous family.

On a popular Reddit thread, fans are thinking that the 10-year-old's social media efforts are concerning.

"In the Tik Tok, he's talking about how he could have millions of followers if they didn't delete his Instagram. He already seems to put a lot of stock in fame and' status,'" says one user.

The person also mentioned how they understood why Kourtney Kardashian quit the show because Mason is being affected negatively.

And it's not surprising that the oldest Kar-Jenner grandchild is seeking social media fame since he literally grew up on reality television with the world watching.

Another person wrote, "He clearly sees that his family values social media, and he's probably trying to imitate them without fully understanding what it means to share personal info online."

According to another Reddit user, "Spilled tea is entertaining, but it could cross into issues of safety."


On March 27, Mason joined Instagram and did an Instagram Live for his fans and followers. He was dressed in a Stormiworld hoodie, kept running his hands through his hair, and insisted that his hair "looked so bad."

During his live stream, he was able to divulge confidential things, such as the status of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's relationship.

He also updated the KUWTK fans on his family and plans since the coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone to stay home.

When asked if he has seen Stormi and if he has plans for Coachella, Mason answered, "No, 'cause corona."

After that went viral, he created a TikTok account so he could give his fans some content.

At first, his page was removed, but then he got a new account and gave his followers the juicy details why his first account was deleted, and the other accounts that followed.

According to the reality TV star, his first TikTok page was deleted because he was "too young."

He also believed that he would have become an influencer now if his mother and his dad, Scott Disick, hadn't stopped him.

"I went viral. I would've had 2.7 million by now if I kept it up."

On April 3, Mason once again made headlines for his comments against makeup mogul Jeffrey Star.

In his live chat, Mason said, "Jeffree Star is like spoiled AF."

After seeing the video, the Jeffree Star Cosmetics CEO clapped back on Twitter, saying that he only had $500 on his bank account six years ago and that maybe the 10-year-old is "confused with his own privilege versus mine being self-made. Hopefully, his father can educate him soon."

In an Instagram Live weeks ago, Kourtney confirmed that she and her ex Scott made Mason give up his Instagram.

The 40-year-old revealed and decided that Mason was too young and didn't even ask them to get an Instagram.

"I did delete it because Scott and I just felt like he isn't - he's 10," said the mother-of-three.

She went on to say that Mason does not have his own phone but has an iPad and a computer for his school.

Kourtney then expressed her concern saying that there should be an age limit on Instagram and that it should be 13 years old.

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