Meghan Markle is on a roll! After recently going out on public delivering meals to the residents of Los Angeles, walking her dogs out, and speaking up for the first time on a video chat since stepping down as a senior royal, the Duchess of Sussex is set to have her first shocking television interview.

Yup, you read that right.

Roughly three weeks after officially stepping down as senior members of the royal family together with her husband Prince Harry, the 38-year-old Duchess is about to give her first-ever interview with the American press.

In a teaser clip aired on Saturday on ABC, "Good Morning America" announced that they would have a special interview with the former "Suits" actress this Monday (April 20).

The teaser video said that Meghan Markle will exclusively talk about her breakthrough role as a voiceover narrator for Disney Plus documentary "Elephants."

Meghan's special narration, which aired on Disney Plus last April 3, followed the journey of an elephant mother who travels across the Kalahari Desert together with her calf. The story highlighted the elephant's 1,000-mile journey across Africa in an extraordinary adventure that would change their lives.

"On GMA Monday, Meghan Markle with an exclusive first look at the Disney documentary Elephant she narrated," the teaser clip stated alongside a photo of Meghan in a crisp white button-down shirt.

However, the teaser clip did not reveal if the Duchess will be talking about her recent drama with the royal family, as well as her newfound Hollywood life with Harry.


Tell-All Interview?

It is also not clear if the upcoming interview is already the tell-all interview that Meghan reportedly accepted to spill the tea and dirt about what happened inside the Buckingham Palace.

Earlier this April, a source revealed that Meghan Markle received a massive cash deal from an American TV station to talk about her and Prince Harry's controversial decision now dubbed as "Megxit."

"It will be the most anticipated global T.V. interview even," the source told a U.K. news outlet.

Meghan's explosive interview is expected to echo Princess Diana's famous 1995 television interview with Martin Bashir, where she dished all the dirt about her failed marriage with Prince Charles.

The source said that the Duchess is "extremely serious" to win back the public's enthusiasm through a one-time big-time interview.

"When she was part of the Royal Family, it would have been unthinkable for her to do a solo interview with anyone about her life and how being a princess has changed her world," the source said.

"But now she's very much her own boss, and it has put her under pressure feeling that the public has lost their 'love' for her and Harry ­after they took the big step of­ ­going on their own."

Live Or Pre-Recorded?

According to Deadline, Meghan's representative clarified that it is a pre-recorded interview and the Duchess will not appear live on the morning show studio.

The rep explained that the interview would come from a pre-recorded asset from the film "Elephants."

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