Royal Mistake! Prince Harry Will Regret LA Move With Meghan Markle, Says Biographer

Prince Harry has moved to Los Angeles to pursue a new life with wife Meghan Markle. However, his royal biographer said that the prince will not be very happy with that decision. 

A Hollywood Celebrity

Biographer Angela Levin made the comment after Prince Harry was spotted out and about in Los Angeles for the first time since their move. 

"They've swapped royalty for celebrity," Levin said, referring to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's resignation as senior royals to live a more peaceful life. 

Levin spoke with Prince Harry in 2017 for Newsweek and soon after, she wrote "Harry: Conversations With The Prince".

During their interview, Levin revealed that Harry told him one of the things he feared most of his public life. 

"Harry said one of the things he absolutely didn't want to do was be thought of like a celebrity," Levin shared. 

This was the time he was rumored to be dating Meghan Markle. Further on, Harry emphasized the difference between being a royal and being a celebrity. 

"He explained the difference, that celebrities can pick and choose when they want the press to be there but if you're a royal you're on duty 24/7," Levin revealed.

At that time, Harry felt the enormous strength to remain dutiful to help the Queen and his father, Prince Charles. 

"Sadly, he is now doing what he most did not want to do," Levin added.

Levin furthered that Harry will not be happy while living a celebrity life in Los Angeles, but he will see himself through it for his wife. He will do everything for Meghan as he felt guilty that he was not able to do enough for his mother, Princess Diana. He was only 12 when his mom died. 

"It stayed with him, so he's determined to make Meghan happy. I think he adores Meghan, he thinks she's absolutely wonderful," levin explained.

However, Levin pointed out that Prince Harry might find himself struggling with mental health again if this continues. 

"But what's in it for him there? He's a marvelous people person and was marvelous in the military," Levin said. 

Prince Harry is away from his family living in a different country. He lost his military connections. What's next for him then?

The Wild Chase

The paparazzi were able to take photos of Harry and Meghan while they were hiking in California near their new home. It was their first public encounter since they decided to move to the U.S. from Canada. 

The images of the couple wearing their face masks while walking their dogs were also published by the British media.

Mark Karloff, the man behind "Paparazzi Podcast," told Newsweek that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could be wildly chased by the paparazzi. He also claimed that such chase could last for weeks, even though citings of the couple in Los Angeles are still rare. 

"When the heat is on they could get chased," Karloff said. 

He added that the interest would probably die down in the coming months unless Harry and Meghan do something really interesting. 

"They want to be in this limelight. There's a certain responsibility in terms of knowing what you're in for," Karloff added. 

Karloff also suggested that the couple take on their security seriously. however, he advised them to still be open to photographers taking their photos. 

"A good security adviser will say 'let them go about their business, they'll give you pictures here, they'll give you pictures there and that's it," Karloff explained.

Karloff believes that the press is something that the royal couple could easily control if they wanted to. 

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