Queen's Inspiration: Queen Elizabeth II Reveals Secret To Remaining ‘Strong and Alert’

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II has been ruling the United Kingdom for 68 years, which makes her the longest-reigning monarch after she surpassed the reign of her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria in 2015. 

The 94-year-old head of the state also made history as the first British monarch to celebrate a Sapphire Jubilee and commemorate her 65 years on the throne.

While the royal family likes to keep their personal life as private as possible, the public can't help but be nterested in Queen Elizabeth II's secret to a healthy life. 

The Three Constants In Her Life

As cited by a U.K tabloid, royal expert Robert Hardman claimed that the reason why the Queen has remained so "strong and alert" throughout her reign is because of her three constants in life: Prince Philip, her health and faith in God. 

"I'm always reminded of the remark by her former private secretary Lord Charteris, who famously said that the Queen is as strong as a yak, interesting analogy, but he put it down to three things," he told the Daily Mail.

Hardman also pointed out that "her faith" is what holds the Queen together. 

"Her faith has been what underpins a lot of the Queen's work, it certainly underpins her private life, her whole outlook on the world and that's why I think she felt that it was so important to put out an Easter address," Hardman added.

The Queen's First-Ever Easter Message

Last month, Her Majesty gave her first-ever Easter message to uplift the spirit of her fellow Britons amid the pandemic. 

In her heartfelt speech, Queen Elizabeth II sent out a strong message that the Easter celebrations will never be canceled as "we need Easter as much as ever."

Despite the U.K. struggling to fight the coronavirus crisis, she remained optimistic that the "coronavirus will not overcome us."

"As dark, as death can be-particularly for those suffering with grief-light and life are greater," Her Majesty mentioned in her two-minute video. "May the living flame of Easter hope be a steady guide as we face the future."

Prince Philip's Sweet Gesture

Although the Buckingham Palace was forced to adjust their plans for the Queen's 94th birthday due to the health crisis, Prince Philip remained consistent on his romantic gesture to his wife. 

According to Majesty Magazine's editor-in-chief Ingrid Seward, the Duke of Edinburgh always gives Queen Elizabeth II "a beautiful bouquet of flowers" on her birthday. 

Seward also claimed that the Queen would not be disappointed having to skip her normal birthday celebrations.

"I don't think the Queen will mind too much because she once said there are so many birthdays and so many anniversaries that we as a family are only really inclined to celebrate every 10 yea," Seward added.

Aside from this, the Queen received a birthday surprise from Prince Harry, Meghan, and their almost one-year-old son, Archie. 

The Sussexes video-called the Queen to greet her on her birthday. 

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