Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler's split is hardly "loving" as she initially called it. Her divorce filing just showed how hard the whole thing is for her, as she accused him of having engaged in inappropriate marital conduct. 

On April 26, Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler took to Instagram to announce that they are already giving up on their six-year marriage. However, when they made the sad announcement, there was no trace of bitterness and hatred, like most announcements of such nature will have. After all, they told fans that they have come to a "loving conclusion" to divorce. They even said that they have nothing but love and respect for the other party. But just a day after, Hollywood Life was able to gather the copies of court documents that the two filed in Tennessee and reveal exactly why they are breaking up for good. 

Essentially, there was no "loving" process in making that conclusion. Their split is anything but pleasant as they made it seem. On Jay's filing, it was stated that divorce is necessary because of irreconcilable differences. On Kristin's filing, she said the former NFL player had engaged in inappropriate marital conduct. To have arrived at their decision to split up could have been anything smooth-sailing. One can surmise how much tears were shed in the process. 

Did Jay cheat? Did he engage in a relationship with another woman? What could have inappropriate marital conduct mean? "Irreconcilable differences" is easier to understand and fathom compared to "inappropriate marital conduct" actually. Thankfully, a top divorce attorney took the time and effort to explain what that means.

According to Atty Kelly Chang Rickert, the term is often used by those filing for a divorce and living in states that mandate "fault" to be ascribed or described. Tennessee is a fault state, in that those who are filing for divorce are required to prove "fault" as the rationale or grounds. 

"In a fault state, someone filing must prove the other side did something wrong in order to be granted a divorce," the California family law attorney described and explained comprehensively. "In Tennessee, inappropriate marital conduct means a spouse has 'caused pain, anguish or distress to the other party and rendered continued cohabitation improper, unendurable, intolerable, or unacceptable.' In Tennessee, if you are held at 'fault,' you can be ordered to pay more alimony. So, marital misconduct can lead to a bigger share of the division of property. It could also affect custody."

By this, it means that Cavallari is saying she was caused pain by Cutler. It means that the hurt she experienced has rendered their marriage hard to bear. It means Cutler committed a mistake so grave that she cannot see continued cohabitation as possible anymore. 

It is unclear exactly what Cutler did, but Kelly explained that there are many ways to interpret marital misconduct under Tennessee law. It could mean Cutler did something bad - from verbal to physical abuse, from having an extramarital affair to conducting a felony, from forcing Cavallari to engage in excessive or abnormal sex, among others. The failure to provide a suitable home and clothing is also another misconduct, but that seems impossible given their present livelihood. 

It remains to be seen what future reports can be dug up on what prompted the divorce and what Cavallari meant when she said marital misconduct. Some said it has to do with ex pal Kelly Henderson. The two reportedly saw each other after the divorce announcement, hence the gossip

According to Fox News, this can potentially ruin Jay Cutler's brand. The two also reached a temporary custody arrangement even though Cutler wants all three children to be under his care.

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