The NBA's current season might be on hold at the moment, but Miami Heat rookie Tyler Herro is putting his A-game even off the court.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the operation of the NBA was put to a halt last March. However, that doesn't mean that Herro would spend quarantine by himself.

The 20-year-old NBA rookie is actually winning the whole lockdown protocol, as he seems to be taking more time to chill with the gorgeous Instagram model Katya Elise Henry. 

The 26-year-old American model previously made headlines for having a heated romance with Tyler's fellow NBA player Kyle Kuzma.

It all started when Tyler lowkey shoot his shot at Katya by sending her a public message, asking the model what she was up to. The social media flirting continued as fans noticed Katya calling Tyler her "Bae" in an Instagram comment.


Fast forward to a month, the Heat hottie is now making cheesy videos with the smoking hot model. It shows that they are pretty close and enjoying each other's company on quarantine.

Recently, they seemingly made their relationship official by recording a video of themselves in the car together.

Meanwhile, in Katya's recent Instagram Story entry, Tyler could be seen sporting a hoodie while Katya was wearing a black sweatshirt while facing the mirror. In the clip which Katya captioned "minez," the Heat sharpshooter also gave Katya a soft hug and a quick kiss.

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