Royal Fear: Prince Harry WARNED About 'New World' After COVID-19 Quarantine

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are building their new life in Los Angeles after stepping down as senior members of the royal family. However, while they may be happy to get what they want, a royal expert warned that it won't be easy.

A Whole New World

Prince Harry left his life in the U.K. to start a new one with his wife Meghan and son Prince Archie in the U.S. While his wife was blamed by the media for the decision, Prince Harry also wanted the change in order to protect Markle and his son from the "same powerful forces" that ruined his mom. 

Nonetheless, speaking to FOX News, royal historian Marlene Koenig cautioned the couple -- Prince Harry specifically -- about the new life they are walking on.

"For Harry, this is a new world. Yes, they have security, but the trappings of a royal life were left in the U.K. so for Harry, now sheltered in a very nice house, will soon - once quarantine is lifted - find a whole world outside the front door," Koenig said. 

Moreover, as their new life in America unfolds before them, royal author Leslie Carroll warned the couple that they will be up against new challenges. 

"As much as Harry has always enjoyed America as a visitor, it will be a challenge for him to live in the states permanently if that becomes the Sussexes' decision," she explained.

America may promise them a fresh new start, but the reality of it all will slowly sink in. For Harry, he will be dealing with days when he wished he never left home. 

"It's still early days; so we'll see how things eventually end up. Challenges facing the couple will be Harry's inevitable home sicknesses for his family back in the U.K., and the equally inevitable issues of finances and taxes. No couple, whoever they are, likes those discussions!" Carroll added.

Caroll further emphasized that these financial issues are real and Harry and Meghan have to deal with it themselves. Perhaps the only consolation, according to the expert, is that the couple has always been known to be communicative to each other. 

"But what Meghan and Harry seem to have to go for them is a healthy ability to communicate, which experts say is the most important thing for a healthy marriage."

The American Dream

When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided to uproot their family from the U.K, they were scrutinized heavily. Meghan, in particular, was questioned for her real intentions. However, they still pushed through their plan and even moved to the U.S. to start a private and financially independent life.

Koenig, for her part, went on to highlight that despite the limitations of the coronavirus pandemic, both Prince Harry and Meghan were still able to do a little bit of charity work in Los Angeles. They have also remained in touch with the patronages they support.

"At some point, they will put down roots, but being in quarantine does put a damper on the plans they may have been ready to announce regarding their new nonprofit, Archewell and other [projects]," Koenig said. 

"They appear to be thriving, but I also suspect that they are chafing at the bit, and want to get started on whatever projects they are considering."

As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle embark on their new life in America, their fans hope that the royal couple will soon find the happily ever after that they deserve. 

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