Wendy Williams is now making her fans and viewers worry due to her worsening health condition.

On Monday, it has been confirmed by E! News that Williams is taking a break from her popular daytime show -- "The Wendy Williams Show" -- to receive treatment and focus on her health.

Moreover, through her show's official Instagram account, it was revealed that the 55-year-old TV host is suffering from worsening symptoms of Graves' disease.

"Recently, Wendy has been dealing with symptoms from her Graves' disease, which is causing fatigue," read the announcement on Instagram. "In consultation with her doctor and as a precautionary measure, she will be taking some time off as she continues to receive treatment."

The announcement did not disclose any detail about her current condition, but it was mentioned that the show will be giving updates about her return date soon.

To fill the void of her absence, "The Wendy Williams Show" will re-run their previous episodes until she is healthy and well enough to come back.

In 2018, Williams took a break as well, revealing that she had to deal with the autoimmune disorder after her doctor ordered her to do so.

Her show stopped production for several weeks at that time. Moreover, a few months after she came back, she went on a hiatus again in early 2019 after she suffered from a shoulder injury.

Guests hosts like Nick Cannon hosted the show for a while on her behalf as she dealt with her fractured shoulder and the complications from the disruptive disorder.

Williams And Graves' Disease

Dr. Terry Jay Smith, a professor at the University of Michigan Medical School specializing in endocrinology, explained the disease even further.

"Graves disease is an autoimmune disease. The immune system incorrectly identifies the thyroid as foreign," he told NBC News BETTER before saying that about 98 percent of his patients have the condition.

"Because of this misidentification, antibodies are generated, and there are T-cells that intersect in their surveillance and produce factors which, in the case of Graves disease, frequently cause the over-activity of the thyroid gland, [aka hyperthyroidism]," he went on.

Dr. Smith added that the disease can also cause a patient's eyes to inflame and bulge.

Some of its symptoms include fatigue (the one Williams is currently managing), trouble sleeping, panic attacks, depression, and heightened sensitivity to temperatures, to name a few.

Meanwhile, Wendy's fans flooded her social media accounts with well-wishes and hopes for her fast recovery.

"Just read the tweet about your condition, and I'm sincerely hoping and praying that this isn't a serious set back for you," one fan commented. "I'm hoping that this doesn't get worse and that you will be up and at them soon, get well quickly if you can but make sure your well before going back 2 work."

"I'm glad she's getting help, no matter what the issue!" another one wrote.

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