Poor Royal: Prince Harry Forced to Sell Posessions to Survive in Los Angeles

Because of the coronavirus, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's plan to start working in Los Angeles has been put to a halt, not knowing where and how to support their lavish lifestyle. 

But because Prince Harry is the head of the family, he has resorted to drastic measures to make ends meet. 

According to Globe, the 35-year-old Duke has sold off his old hunting rifles, which were estimated to be worth close to $60,000. 

 A source told the magazine, "Harry and Meghan are feeling a financial pinch after moving to California." 

Since the Duchess of Sussex isn't a fan of the Duke's animal hunting hobby, the source further revealed that his decision to sell his prized possessions might be an appropriate course of action. 

"Harry sold the rifles for quick cash to help cover expenses, killing two birds with one stone by making Meghan doubly happy." 

According to Dr. Jane Goodall, a close friend of the couple, Prince Harry had to give up hunting because "Meghan doesn't like it." 

Aside from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's expenses in Los Angeles, they also have to pay the refurbishing cost at their former home in the UK, Frogmore Cottage. 

When they decided to remove themselves from royal duties and Prince Harry's home country, one point of contention was the taxpayers' money that had been spent on renovating their UK home. 

In a report published by The Daily Mail, Meghan and Prince Harry have already started paying back the funds. 

The renovations were estimated to be around $3 million, and the couple will be handing over $22,000 monthly for the payment. It has also been reported that they are paying it periodically to keep Frogmore as their official British home when they come to visit. 

Once they are in the UK, Frogmore Cottage will be in a "rental-plus" agreement for the couple, in which they pay more than the commercial rate. 

For their security detail, Meghan and Prince Harry should not worry about it, as it was previously reported that Prince Charles would be covering their annual $2.5 million security costs.

But Royal commentator Charles Rae was not happy, as he thinks the Brits are still paying somehow for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. 

"We are still as far as we know, paying out a bit for their security, aren't we? We are because at the moment Prince Charles is giving them $2.5 million a year." 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's cash-strapped news comes after reports that they were starting to worry about their future. 

A royal source said In Touch, "This independence is what Harry wanted so badly, but the truth is... it's been a real struggle to adjust to the real world." 

The source further shared how the Duke of Sussex has never had to worry about money, which is now making it difficult for him to learn how to budget appropriately. 

The couple will not be able to make money by doing their plans to become speakers and make appearances, as what they had reportedly looked forward to because of the lockdown. And just like the rest of us, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry still have bills that need to be paid. 

"They're still spending a ton. They're going to end up broke," the source claimed. 

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