Prince Charles' SECRET Love Letter To Princess Diana Before Wedding -- REVEALED!

Prince Charles' marriage with the late Princess Diana may not have been the happily ever after that everyone hoped for. However, an unearthed love letter the Prince of Wales sent Diana the night before their wedding proved there was love at the beginning. 

Match Made In Heaven

What the public only saw was Diana struggled to the demands of royal life and Charles acted like he regretted ever proposing to her. But in the book by Howard Hodgson entitled "Charles: The Man who will be King" released in 2007, the royal author revealed the truth about how Prince Charles felt at that time.

Prince Charles expressed his support for his lovely wife-to-be in a love note he sent her the night before their nuptials. The note reportedly read: "I am so proud of you and when you come up I'll be there at the altar for you tomorrow. Just look 'em in the eye and knock 'em dead."

The love note was not all that Prince Charles sent to Diana. He reportedly also sent a signet ring to Clarence House, which Princess Diana reportedly wore on their wedding day. 

In an interview with Hello magazine years later, Princess Diana's mother, France Shand Kydd, said that not once did she doubt Prince Charles' true feelings for her daughter. She said it was because of how he was during their wedding day. 

"I think that if anybody does doubt how he originally felt then they should look at the pictures or film of their wedding day," Kydd shared at the time.

She went on to say how that "fairytale" wedding, reportedly watched by a global audience that reached 750 million, was indeed about a union of love: "I think they really did show genuine happiness and deep affection for each other."

The marriage of Prince Charles to the late Princess Diana may have ended in a divorce, but it was not how it all began. Many close to the former couple still believe that their wedding day was a promise of a lifetime of love

A Second Chance At Love

Prince Charles and Camilla have been married to different people before they finally realized they wanted to be with each other. They first dated when they were younger, but it did not last very long as Prince Charles had to leave for military service. 

But love has always found a way for these two to be back together. It was in Camilla's 50th birthday celebration at the Ritz Hotel in London when Charles and Camilla first came out to the public as a couple. They arrived at the event separately, but they left the venue together. 

That night, their relationship saw the transition from being a public affair to a public romance. It was a rare sighting of them as a couple, but it showed everyone how in love they were of each other. Not long after that, the two announced their engagement in February 2005. 

In a simple and quiet civil ceremony, the two were finally made as one on April  9, 2005. 

Years after the two first fell in love, they have found themselves back in each other's arms. Theirs was not a typical love story, but they both got their second chance at love. 

Both Prince Charles and Camilla are living happily ever after. 

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