Kate Middleton Heartbreak: Prince William FAILED Her Massively on This!

Kate Middleton might have a bone to pick with the palace. According to a royal expert, the Duchess of Cambridge's own parents are being cruelly treated in the palace, but she's noticeably quiet about it. Prince William is also unable to do anything even though he promised to take care of the Middletons in the past. 

According to so-called royal experts, even though Kate Middleton and her family were seemingly accepted to the royal family, this did not last for a long.

A few years after Kate Middleton and Prince William's marriage, palace insiders can already hear negative things being said about Middleton's family, most especially about her mom, Carole Middleton.

According to courtiers in 2016, Kate's mother "exudes a rather grandiose presence around Kensington Palace and is possessive for William, Kate, and the children." As a result, Carole has reportedly become primarily involved in the palace called "Battle Royal." This is the feud between Middletons and Prince Charles, which never really got aired in public then, but is now surfacing. 

The source said that the feud started because Prince Charles felt as if Carole Middleton is getting more of their grandchildren's affection as well as time. In comparison to Carole, Prince Charles felt as if he is not able to spend time with his grandchildren. He is holding a grudge because of that. 

The source alleged that this battle is the reason why the Middletons hardly participated in royal events. There were also talks of Prince Charles not inviting them to his Birkill home. 

This allegedly contributed to Prince Charles' growing distance to his own son, Prince William. The source explained that it is Prince William who is drifting away, and Prince Charles cannot do a thing about it but feel hurt. 

"When William and the family ripped off to Courchevel for a few days' skiing at the start of the year, Charles had no idea they were away. He was rather hurt," the source explained. "Neither of them picks up the phone to each other, and weeks can pass without them having a proper catch-up," he added. 

Another insider believes that this adds to Prince Charles' frustrations against the Middletons because he feels as if they are taking William from him. "He certainly feels William spends more time with the Middletons than he does with his own family," this source said. 

He might not be entirely wrong. According to a 2017 documentary, entitled, "Kate: The Making of a Modern Queen," William gets along with his in-laws. He reportedly made sure that the Middletons would not feel left out even if Kate is already married to him. 

Prince William reportedly adored how put together the Middletons were as a family, while his own is controversial and can be considered a wreck, considering what happened to Princess Diana. 

Analysts claimed that it is quite ironic hos the opposite happened, and Prince William cannot do anything about it.

Analysts believe that Prince Charles has no reason to hate on the Middletons, even if they spend more time with the kids. He is the one who is busy all the time and has very limited time to play with the children.

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