Queen Elizabeth II, together with Prince Philip, has been spending the quarantine period in Windsor Castle in Berkshire for almost two months now,

According to previous reports, the 94-year-old monarch will be staying at her royal residence indefinitely as she withdraws from public duties due to the threat of COVID-19. 

Moreover, The Sunday Times cited that it will be the Queen's longest absence from official engagements in her 68-year reign as the sovereign.

With that, Her Majesty and Prince Philip have been surrounded by 22 royal staff as part of the mission called "HMS Bubble."

The Daily Mail noted that in a leaked memo from the Master of the Household Tony Johnstone-Burt, the operation aims to protect the royal couple from the dreaded virus at all cost. 

However, this means the said aides will not see their families for the duration of the lockdown. 

"There are 22 Royal Household staff inside the Bubble, and it struck me that our predicament is not dissimilar to my former life in the Royal Navy on a long overseas deployment," the memo read as Johnstone-Burt wrote to 500 staff, referring to the conditions in his 40-year navy experience. 

"Indeed, the challenges that we are facing whether self-isolating alone at home, or with our close household and families, have parallels with being at sea away from home for many months, and having to deal with a sense of dislocation, anxiety, and uncertainty."

Following this, it was revealed that the key staff includes the Queen's favorite page of the backstairs Paul Whybrew, her private secretary Sir Edward Young and her personal assistant and dresser Angela Kelly. 

While on the bubble, the Queen has been unable to see other royal members -- even his youngest son Prince Edward and wife Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, as well as Prince Andrew, who all live near Windsor Castle. 

Members of the family have been staying connected through telephone or video calls. 

How the Queen and Prince Philip Spends Time During Lockdown

While at Windsor, it was mentioned that Her Majesty is spending the lockdown riding her horses all day and has been avoiding the usual places within her royal residence where she was being photographed. 

A source previously told Vanity Fair that the longest-reigning monarch is in "excellent spirits" and has been enjoying her increased time with the Duke of Edinburgh, who will be 99 next month. 

The Queen's head groom Terry Pendry was said to be on call as he ensures that her favorite horses, such as the black Fell pony Carltonlima Emma, are well prepared. 

It was also reported that the royal couple has been spending lunchtime together for the past few weeks. 

Meanwhile, the royal staff were not required to wear face masks or observe proper distancing since they have spent the isolation in the bubble.

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