Insensitive! Madonna Faces Massive Backlash Over DISRESPECTFUL George Floyd Tribute


Madonna is one of the many people affected by the brutal arrest and murder of an African-American man that went viral on social media.

When the news about the alleged forgery arrest turned to the brutal death of George Floyd broke the internet, many people, including celebrities, expressed their anger and protest against police brutality.

The Queen of Pop took it to social media in an attempt to give George Floyd a tribute. The 61-year-old singer posted a video of her 14-year-old son, David Banda, dancing to the tune of Michael Jackson's "They Don't Care About Us."

In the caption, the "Material Girl" hitmaker explained that her son is dedicating the dance to send a message to George Floyd's family.

"As news of George Floyd's brutal murder travels around the world my son David dances to honor and pay tribute to George and his family and all acts of racism and discrimination that happen on a daily basis in America," Madonna wrote.

In the the-minute video, David could be seen sporting a white shirt paired with black track pants while passionately dancing around the kitchen. His facial expressions show the passion and anger, which delivers the song of Michael Jackson's 1995 hit.

While the clip got a massive 1.5 million views, it seems like Madonna was not able to deliver the message that she was trying to send.

Instead of getting support from her 15.2 million Instagram followers, Madonna received a massive backlash from people who called her insensitive and the video as a "tone-deaf message."

"Cringe. Let's fight racism with an adopted black kid dancing for a white woman," one Instagram user commented.

"He's a great dancer, but this is a little tone-deaf," another one added.

Most of the commenters urged Madonna to take down the video, while others pointed out that it is inappropriate to use a Michael Jackson song because of the disgusting sexual abuse accusations against him.

The Queen of Pop also went viral on Twitter, with users slamming her move. See some of their comments below:



George Floyd's Brutal Death

On Monday, George Floyd went viral after he died at the brutal hands of Minnesota police, who pinned him down on the ground after his arrest.

The group of police officers responded to a call of forgery. Several CCTV footage shows that the 46-year-old Minnesota resident did not resist his arrest, but a white police office still pinned him on the ground and pressed his knee onto Floyd's neck.

In the video, Floyd could be heard begging to free him as he could not breathe, but the officer remained on his position. Onlookers urged the officer to stop kneeling on Floyd's neck, but he continued to do so, and eight minutes later, Floyd was left unconscious.

The police identified as Derek Chauvin was charged with murder, while the rest of the group was sacked from their position.

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