Last month, Kate Middleton became the center of attention after an entertainment magazine dropped explosive bombs against the Duchess of Cambridge and other members of the royal family. 

While the July/August cover of Tatler put Kate on the pedestal with its "Catherine The Great" title, the article was mostly composed of hard-hitting claims about her past and present relationship with her sister-in-law, Meghan Markle. 

The controversial article revealed the alleged reason why Kate and Meghan's relationship fell apart, which started during Prince Harry and Meghan's royal wedding in 2018. The magazine claimed that both Duchesses had a feud over whether the little bridesmaids should wear tights or not during the wedding ceremony. 

It also contained malicious revelations that the 38-year-old future queen has been feeling exhausted with their additional royal duties. Tatler's sources claimed that the Duchess of Cambridge has been feeling burnt out by the heavy load of responsibilities left off by the Sussexes after they officially stepped down as senior members of the royal family in April. 

"Kate is furious about the larger workload. Of course, she's smiling and dressing appropriately, but she doesn't want this. She feels exhausted and trapped," a source said.

The Tatler issue also featured tons of comparison between Kate and Meghan and their alleged "never-ending feud."

Kensington Palace immediately responded to the article and said that it "contains a swathe of inaccuracies and false misrepresentation."

Now, a royal expert is alleging that Kate Middleton is particularly furious about the Tatler issue because she wanted to stop something -- and that is the tedious comparison between her and Meghan. 

The Truth

Former royal editor Duncan Larcombe told New Magazine that the real reason why the Duchess of Cambridge was upset with the Tatler report was because she is very eager to put an end to the comparison between her and the Duchess of Sussex. 

"It's almost as though they want to draw a line in the sand where it's gone a bit too far," Larcombe said, as reported by OK!

"We know William and Kate are very sensitive about comparisons with Meghan. The narrative of that falling out between William and Kate and Harry and Meghan touches a nerve," he added. 

The royal editor said that it is as if the media is only using Kate as a stick to Meghan to bombard her with bias comparisons.

Larcombe added that Prince William and Kate's decision to take it on a legal action only shows that they are keen on putting an end to this nonsense comparison. 

"If they're prepared to take this action, it clearly indicates that they're either not tolerating any more of those comparisons or the story was misguided," Larcombe said.

"They have taken legal action against publishers before, but you can count the legal battles on less than one hand. It's an unusual move."

Earlier this month, the Cambridges sent out legal letters demanding the controversial article to be taken down online. However, Tatler dismissed it and said it does not have any merit.  

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