Prince Charles and Princess Diana's love story is probably the best and worst love story in the history of the British monarchy. They started like a real-life Prince and Princess in a fairytale movie before ending up in a messy divorce. 

While it is an open book to the public that the fallout of their marriage started due to the infidelity committed by the Prince of Wales, some royal experts believe that things could have been different if the couple only waited longer before jumping into marriage. 

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Princess Diana's former healer said that if the former golden royal couple waited more years before getting married, their marriage would have survived. 

Simone Simmons has worked with Princess Diana in the past, as the Princess said to have discussed her emotional issues with Simmons from time-to-time. 

"After the divorce, Charles got a very good friend in Diana because she understood him. Nobody is happy if their other half has affairs, but she loved him with all her heart," Simmons said. 

"If they had left it ten years and then got married, I believe they would be together today. They would have had their differences, but I think they may have got back together."

Simmons also revealed that Charles and Diana might look different on the surface, but they also share a common interest with alternative medicine and the environment.

"They had the same sense of humor and the same interest in complementary medicine, organic goods, organic farming," Simmons added.

Age Gap

Princess Diana was only 20 years old when she married into the royal family, while Prince Charles was already in his 30s. Their age gap became a huge factor in their marriage problems. 

But according to royal expert Ingrid Seward, despite their almost a decade age gap, Princess Diana believed that Charles truly loved him, especially during the earlier part of their marriage. 

The writer and editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine said that as the years go by, Charles and Diana learned to love each other, albeit differently. 

"They used to speak on the phone, and she'd say, 'What a shame we didn't meet each other at a different time' because she's got very into his views about climate change," Seward told the Daily Mail. 

Waiting Game

Royal experts are not the only one who believes that time played a massive role in Charles and Diana's ruined marriage. In the 2006 book "William's Princess," veteran royal editor Robert Jobson said that Queen Elizabeth II believed that being a bachelor for a long time affected her eldest son's marriage. 

Jobson said that Her Majesty thought that Charles' marriage with Diana didn't last because he waited too long before settling down. 

According to the royal author, while the age of 32 may not sound too old for marriage in modern times, during that time, Prince Charles was already able to establish his individuality and had something he is unwilling or unable to change. 

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