Keeping Up With Kim Kardashian: 3 KKW Products You Can Actually Get from Amazon

Kim Kardashian

When Kim Kardashian West revealed her makeup line, KKW Beauty, everybody was thrilled. 

The line looked fuss-free, with versatile products that can be used daily, and the aesthetically-pleasing packaging has become a minimalist's dream. 

Kim's line is a direct competitor with her sister's company, Kylie Cosmetics. 

And though it may seem like they are the same, the two lines have particular cosmetic products that make the other stand out. 

If you're looking for alternatives to the KKW Beauty products mentioned below, you'll also be able to discover new products and makeup companies you did not know existed. 

KKW Beauty Classic 10-Pan Eyeshadow Palette

KKW Beauty Eyeshadow
(Photo : AMAZON)

You can't complete a Kardashian look without owning an eyeshadow palette with a mixture of warm tones and neutrals and mattes and shimmers. 

If you're looking to invest in a starter eyeshadow palette that you can use for every day, the KKW Beauty Classic 10-Pan Eyeshadow Palette is worth your money. 

Though you may have seen the color ranges in other palettes because the tones are not groundbreaking, you will love the formula because of its pigmentation and thicker consistency, but easy to blend and build up. 

They also last all day, even without using an eyeshadow primer. 

Alternative: If you want an alternative or a more luxurious feel, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette also has warm tones but has greater options for deep-skinned women. 

KKW Beauty Nude Crème Lipstick

KKW Beauty Nude Creme Lipstick
(Photo : AMAZON)

Kim Kardashian West's lipstick line was created to contrast her lipliners, giving the lips more dimension and shape. 

The lipstick is described as full coverage and has a creamy texture that is said to be hydrating. If you've tried one of these, the texture is lightweight, smooth, and neither thick nor thin. 

Though it doesn't say that it will last all day, many users of the KKW Beauty Nude Crème Lipstick said that they were able to wear it for four and a half days without it having to be drying on the lips. 

People with fragrance issues won't have a problem with the KKW Beauty lipsticks as they don't have any scent.  

Alternative: There are a lot of lipstick alternatives for nude tones. But if you want a bang for your buck, Colourpop has a lot of shades to choose from. 

KKW Beauty Contour and Highlight Kit

KKW Beauty Highlight and Contour Kit
(Photo : AMAZON)

You wouldn't get the full Kardashian experience without using some contour and highlight to your makeup look. 

There are different shades for every skin tone and undertone that would go with your skin. But if you have to choose between the crème stick or the powder stick, you should go for the crème sticks as they are easier to blend and look more natural. 

For newbies, you would get a card that gives instructions on how to contour and correctly use the products. 

The KKW Beauty Contour and Highlight sticks are creamy and buttery that it effortlessly and smoothly glides on your face. 

It's also incredibly pigmented that it easily blends away, giving your makeup look that natural finish. 

Using these would surely give you that radiant glow similar to Kim Kardashian West's. 

Some people may think that the highlight stick is too dull, as many women prefer blinding highlights. Kim, unfortunately, is not known for that. 

Alternative: The NYX Wonder Stick is the best dupe for the KKW Beauty one. Similar to Kim's brand, it also has a variety of shades to choose from.   

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