Meghan Markle Golddigger and Princess Diana Wannabe, Biographer Says

Royal insider and biographer Lady Colin Campbell has new revelations about Meghan Markle and the two things that are always in the Duchess of Sussex's mind. 

In her 400-word page book, "Meghan and Harry: The Real Story," the socialite describes Meghan Markle as a "single-minded operator" that failed to become a major A-list star. 

Instead, Meghan saw a chance to use the royal family to get the worldwide fame she has always craved. 

"Meghan wanted to milk the royal system for all it was worth financially," she revealed. "Had she behaved the way the producers of 'Suits' as she has with the royal family, she would be pitched out on her ear years ago."

The former "I'm A Celebrity" star has also claimed that Meghan Markle wanted to be "Diana number two."

"Meghan consciously emulated Diana. For a long time, several people who have known her told me she was always obsessed with the royal family and read everything about Diana," Lady Colin shared. "She told her best friend she wants to be Diana number two."

According to Lady C, this explains her hold over Prince Harry, as he was always a known mama's boy, and the Duke of Sussex lost his mom and had always wanted a mom ever since Princess Diana died. 

"Meghan filled that role very ably. She has all of her failings and not all of her virtues." 

Meghan Markle's Fate

Now that Meghan Markle is back in her home country, and has indicated her political ambitions, a source told The Daily Mail that Meghan thinks she is destined to become at the forefront of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Leaving the royal family and moving back to California now makes sense for the former B-list star, as she wants to help fight systematic racism in the US. 

Meghan Markle reportedly wants to work as a leader and has already spoken to different community leaders and worldwide leaders on how she can be part of the solution.

However, Lady C is having none of it. 

"The Black Lives Matter bandwagon rattled across her courtyard, and she jumped on it. She has boundless ambition - this makes for a very interesting story and possibilities," she said. 

According to her, the Duchess of Sussex's PR team is already talking to people that could help her earn $500 million hoping corporations will be charmed by her speeches and would instantly "give her blank checks," because apparently, money and fame are the only things that Meghan Markle is worried about.   

The Reason Why Queen Elizabeth II Welcomed Meghan Markle

In an extract of the same book, Lady Colin Campbell claimed that Her Majesty welcomed the bi-racial identity of Meghan Markle because Prince Harry wouldn't have been allowed to marry a "white Hollywood starlet." 

The 70-year-old author said revealed that Queen Elizabeth II's thoughts of Meghan being bi-racial will help make the monarchy look reflective and representing of a multicultural and multiracial Britain. 

"As a prince once told me, 'Had Meghan not been a woman of color, they would never have allowed the marriage. It was the only thing that was unreservedly in her favor," Lady Colin Campbell disclosed. 

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