Ellen DeGeneres Mean And Canceled? No, She's 'Glad To Be Bad'

Ellen DeGeneres is one of the most successful among comedians, talk show hosts, and even lesbians today. Before reaching that peak of her career though, she worked hard and accepted all sorts of ridicule and rejection because of her sexual orientation.

She already knows how it feels to be canceled - truly canceled, and after the way she brought herself back up afterward, made her fear nothing. Certainly, not over those talks about her being nasty and mean.

In fact, according to National Enquirer, Ellen DeGeneres is glad she's "bad." She certainly knows that she is being called out for her bossy ways - but she has not apologized for any of these so far. It's not as if she is a person who does not apologize. She has humbled herself in the past, even cried on national TV, showing her soft side and not caring what people think of her.

The fact that she still has not apologized for all these claims of her being bossy just goes to show that in her mind, she does not think she has done anything wrong worth saying sorry for. More so when nastier tabloids have joined in the bandwagon and claimed negative things about her. 

According to the source of National Enquirer, it is unlikely for Ellen to feel threatened about her career regardless of all the backlash. "Ellen is 62 and one of the most successful comedians alive. Do you REALLY think she is going to change who she is because people are saying she's mean?" 

Moreover, DeGeneres thinks the backlash about her "bossy" ways is just a result of society's double standard when it comes to gender. When a man asserts himself, or even act cold, no one is going to bat an eyelash. In fact, he would probably be labeled strong, tough, and cool. But when women act bossy or assert herself in any way, she'll be termed aggressive or emotional. For gays like Ellen DeGeneres, knowing what she wants can lead to her being called nasty, mean, and not nice.

The talk show host is not playing that game.

The character assassination has truly started. After all the "mean" allegations, tabloids are now quick to say she and Portia are having marriage troubles, all because of her doing. Allegedly, Portia feels suffocated in their relationship and Ellen is becoming too controlling. 

According to Meaww, there was an incident last year that showed how tumultuous the relationship was. Allegedly, a source claimed to have seen Portia de Rossi looking harassed - red, puffy eyes, messy makeup, and unsteady feet, all because she and Ellen got into a fight and she thought she would Ellen.

Not only had this report not been confirmed, but it also showed signs of how much Portia still loves Ellen and not feeling "suffocated" as some media platforms would say.

Her show's rating has been dwindling down though, that is no lie. For some, there is an assumption that the character assassination done to her was the reason why the ratings have gone down. But the reality could be that in the middle of a pandemic, people truly have no urge of wanting to watch television. 

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