Prince William Heartbreak: Queen Elizabeth REFUSES To Let Him Be King

Queen Elizabeth will reportedly refuse to abdicate if it means Prince William will replace Prince Charles as the supposed King, a situation that the public actually wants. How come the Queen cannot give way to what the public wants?

There is a public clamor for Prince William to replace Charles when the Queen abdicates. However, a new report revealed that this is not something the Queen wants at all. Doesn't she trust her own grandchild at all? 

According to royal commentators, Queen Elizabeth II truly does not want Prince William to succeed her as the next monarch. Not because she does not want to bypass her son, Prince Charles, nor because she does not trust Prince William to take on the position and do well in it.

Instead, the reason is just simple. According to the royal insiders, Queen Elizabeth simply does not want to break protocols. She would just like to continue the tradition and just follow the rules. In particular, royal expert Victoria Arbiter told Channel 5's documentary titled "William & Kate: Too Good to be True" that people in Britain would really rather have Prince William be the next King rather than Prince Charles. According to him, there is a sizable British population who want the Queen to skip Charles and go straight to William. 

Although it is truly shocking why people would want Prince William, and no doubt hurtful to Prince Charles, the royal expert claimed that this is more likely motivated just by William's youth. 

However, despite public desire, Channel 5's royal correspondent Simon Vigar asserted that Queen Elizabeth would never let it happen anyway. She's not comfortable with breaking rules.

Good thing though, Prince William does not like breaking rules, too. There is less chances of hurt feelings if both Prince William and Queen Elizabeth see eye-to-eye that rules and protocols are important.

"He will be William the 5th one day and she will be Queen Catherine, and I honestly think what you see is what you get. They're not fakes," Vigar said.

If this is true though and Prince Charles becomes the king, British people need not worry. Queen Elizabeth's son has great plans to dampen royals' "sense of entitlement." Prince  Charles is also keen to transform the institution into a more modern look. 

A royal expert shared that Prince Charles would like to see Britain follow its European counterparts on balancing the rewards and responsibilities of being a royal.

"Like the Windsor's' relatives who reign in the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium and Spain, he prefers to dampen a sense of entitlement among royals," the royal expert says

The expert has credibility over royal matters since he has a book under his name entitled "Prince Andrew: Epstein and the Palace." 

For those who do not know, there are two ways for a royal to make it to the throne. Succession by ancestry is the first one, and succession by laws placed by the British government is the second. Since Charles is Queen Elizabeth's eldest son, it follows that he would be the one to get the throne should the Queen steps down or dies. 

At present, Prince William will certainly see his father becomes King. Only if Charles dies before the queen would William become king when the queen passes away.

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