3 Makeup Tools You Didn’t Know You Need

Life in quarantine has taught us a lot of things aside from coping up and living in the "new normal."

This is also a period where some of us have instantly turned into workout gurus, chefs, interior designers, and makeup experts through the help of Youtube tutorials or online classes. 

The new normal has given us unlimited time to be productive and perfect our hobbies, including makeup techniques from our favorite beauty vloggers. 

Just like every artist, you need to have the right tools to do the work, and applying makeup is no exception. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, we sometimes need extra help and tools to achieve our desired look. 

Having said that, here are the top three must-have makeup tools you didn't know you needed -- all of which are available in Amazon.

Go-To Brush Set

You might be confused with the variations of brushes in the market, as well as their functions. 

Fortunately, this EmaxDesign cosmetic brush set has all the essential brushes you need for perfecting your makeup routine. 

From liquids, powders and creams, this 12-piece set includes an eye shadow brush, foundation brush, powder brush, and eyelash brush for daily use.

For those busy days, this set also has a multi-function foundation brush that you can even use as a blush brush for that natural look, as well as a mini kabuki brush which can fit in a small purse. 

Made from premium synthetic fiber materials, this handmade brush provides incredible touch and feel as it uses high-quality bamboo for its handle to give that sense of luxurious vibe. 

EmaxDesign 12 Pieces Makeup Brush Set

EmaxDesign 12 Pieces Makeup Brush Set
(Photo : Amazon)

Eyelash Set Must Have

Another promising makeup tool is this three-piece eye set which includes eyelash curler, mini eyelash curler and false eyelashes tweezers plus. The set also has two boxes of silicone replacement pads for everyday use. 

Made from stainless steel material, the eyelash curlers are equipped with thumb shape handles for easy and comfortable use while you create those on fleek curled lashes. 

Most beginners are having a hard time putting false lashes since it requires a lot of patience and practice. However, this lash applicator will help you achieve that fox eye look in just seconds. 

As a bonus, this set also comes in rose gold color for that aesthetic look. 

Eyelash Makeup Tools Set

Eyelash Makeup Tools Set

(Photo : Amazon)

Blend It With Blender Sponge

Last on the list is another essential for applying and blending base makeup. 

This Anne's Giverny makeup blender sponge set comes in a teardrop shape that absorbs water rather than the product. It means that your foundation, BB cream or concealer will last even longer as you blend it on your skin. 

It includes five pieces of large size sponges which is perfect for foundation and contour application, while the two mini size blenders are suited for those hard to reach areas like the nose and eyes. 

Makeup Blender Sponge Set

Makeup Blender Sponge Set
(Photo : Amazon)

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