Move over Thor because Zac Efron has gone from "High School Musical" heartthrob to a sizzling stud with a burly dad bod! 

The former Disney actor's massive transformation has surprised his fans, and the internet is losing it. 

Zac Efron Shifting Career From Hollywood Actor To Travel Show Host

In Netflix's travel series called "Down to Earth with Zac Efron," the "Baywatch" hottie can be seen traveling from one continent to another as he "journeys around the world with wellness expert Darin Olien in search of healthy, sustainable ways to live." 

The 32-year-old actor is sporting a beefier and bulkier physique as he travels from Puerto Rico, Iceland and London to find and hunt down healthy dishes across the globe.

Fans Can't Get Over With Zac Efron's Hot Dad Bod Transformation

Efron's whole new look set fans into a frenzy, as he rocked his hot dad bod while donning a facial hair and a hippie vibe. 

"TBH I wouldn't have taken @ZacEfron at any era....but this new beefy daddy era. My my my..... now that's something to ride home about..," one fan gushed. 

Another fan can't get over how the "Charlie St. Cloud" actor changed from being a high school cutie to a pumped-up hunk: "Zac Efron has been at his peak at basically every age. Dreamy non-threatening teen dream, college-age swoony, muscley late 20 something, and now...this!"

Meanwhile, another fan posted: "i watched 2 episodes of that new zac Efron show on Netflix and could i recall a single thing that happened in either? no because i could not stop thinking about this transformation."

One user even mentioned his sexual awakening with the "17 Again" star when he was a teenager versus now.

Zac Efron
(Photo : Twitter)

Meanwhile, another fan shared that she tried to convince his boyfriend to watch the new travel show just to see Zack's massive body transformation. 

Zac Efron
(Photo : Twitter)

Zac's New Show

The web documentary, which was released last July 10, gained mixed reactions from the viewers. 

According to Cosmopolitan, the travel series was able to show the sustainable ways of life, but "it doesn't actually dive deep on any of the topics."

"It hops from scene to scene so quickly that the two hosts don't get to ask real, meaningful questions of the people they're interviewing to give viewers any real takeaways," the outlet added. 

On the other hand, some find the Disney alum's hosting skills perfect for the show since he gives the documentary a funny vibe with his sense of humor. 

"The show's smartly built around Efron's sense of humor; it knows that Efron's not an Attenborough (the aforementioned opening VO gets that point across) and the editing and narration works in a few lighthearted gags. Yeah, this is a serious nature documentary that might also make you LOL," pointed out. 

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