Move Over, Queen Elizabeth! Meghan Markle More Powerful and Confident Thanks to Megxit

Despite the backlash Meghan Markle faces outside of the royal family and the UK, all of the hate doesn't stun her according to her body language. 

The former "Suits" actress was seen on Tuesday for giving her first public speech alone since quitting her royal duties in January. 

In a pre-recorded video for the online global summit of the Girl Up campaign, Meghan Markle urged young women to challenge authority. 

According to a body language expert, the 38-year-old mom has a whole new level of confidence and power. 

Judi James spoke to Mirror and revealed that Meghan's passionate delivery of her speech was "deceptively subtle."

"This speech seems to show her at the peak of her confidence and inspirational power so far, but overall her tone is calm, measured, warm and encouraging, and even loving at the end."

Talking about Meghan Markle's body language, James believes that the Duchess of Sussex's speech was calm, measured, warm and encouraging, and even loving at the end."

She added, "Meghan's body language seems to be the tool she uses to add the emphasis and authenticity."

James also mentioned how her speech didn't have any shouting or anger or unnecessary arm-waving. 

Despite the speech being "about challenging the norms and having 'meaningful influence over the structures of power,'" Meghan Markle's gestures, pauses, and meaningful eye contact and elongated blinking made her words very memorable who were watching.

"As an influencer for change, Meghan's delivery seems geared to make her look more like a wise guru than an angry rebel." 

In late March, Meghan Markle, her husband Prince Harry, and their one-year-old son Archie moved to the US after dropping the bombshell announcement in January that they want to leave the royal family. 

The couple sent shockwaves through the UK, and even the entire world, when they quit their royal duties and initially had plans to stay in Canada to live a simple life. 

But even before leaving the royal family, the former celebrity had always been a good speaker. 

In November, she has been hailed as inspirational and powerful after posting a video of a speech she did on her royal tour. 

Meghan Markle spoke about changing the world.

Speaking of her lawsuit on the Associated Newspapers for unlawfully publishing a handwritten letter she wrote to her father, Thomas Markle, the Duchess said, "In a world that can seem aggressive, confrontational and dangerous, you should know that you have the power to change it."

"You have the power within you to change things, and that begins with how you connect to others." 

Back then, the video posted on their Sussex Royal Instagram racked up over 250,000 likes in less than 24 hours. 

The comment section of the video was also full of praises for the Duchess. 

"Your message is so powerful, and so are you," one person commented. 

However, the same can't be said about Prince Harry. 

The 35-year-old Prince was noticed not to be good at giving speeches, especially when compared to his wife. 

In a previous video call that he starred in with Meghan, many commentators said he looked awkward, with a body language expert revealed that he looked like a "hostage."

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